Rivine Everfree is the female counterpart of Ryvine Sparkle. She is also the alter-ego of Jessie F-Fiona.


When Jessie grabs the last 2 geodes she needs to save her camp, she becomes a Ryvine Sparkle-Gaia Everfree hybrid called Rivine Everfree. Rianna and Evil Ryan tried to stop Jessie from what she's doing but, Evil Ryan got tied up and Rianna got turned into Rianna Everfree


Rivine Everfree looks like




  • [after Jestro says she just needs more power] Yes, Alright. Thank you, Jestro.
  • I'm sorry, Prince Ryan. I know what I need to do. But I feel like we're not on the same page. So.....
  • That's not what I mean.
  • I think we need to be on our way.


Rivine Everfree

Rivine Everfree in her legend

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