Dora Kid is at the Carnival on patrol and then he heard a noise and he saw a Giant Robot and he run for his life

[Minutes Later]

Owen: Oh yeah! Dagwood dogs, here I come!

Zoey: Oh boy, looks like you could practice on your eating.

Owen: Practice? I already divas of digestion. (Laugh)

They made it to the Carnival and they found it closed

Cody: Oh no. It's closed!

Owen: Closed!?

Gwen: That's weird, there's no way this place never closes.

[Owen and Cody look scared from the Clown Laugh]

Trent: Well, looks like a mystery to me. Let's go.

Owen: Dagwood Dogs...

Cody: Hopefully they'll still be waiting for me in their little kenneis. Scream, that way.

Owen: (Gulp)

Noah: Food Stand, the other way! And that's where we going, Come on, Owen!

He, Noah, Cody, Fry and Bender went off and they found a clue and it's a Toytag

Noah: Wow. A clue.

Owen: Awesome.

Courtney: (on walkie talkie) This is Basecamp, Over.

Cody: Hey, Courtney. Me, Noah, Owen, Bender and Fry found a clue.

Bender: We can think we are at

Courtney: (on walkie talkie) You are? What's it look like?

Noah: It's a Toytag... we think.

Courtney: (on walkie talkie) I think it's from the Factory where the toy are made! Nice finding. Have you found out where the screaming came from yet?

Owen: Nope, not Dagwood's dogs here... Wait, did I say Dagwood dogs, I meant "Scream."

Courtney (on walkie talkie) Sure Owen, keep looking. Over and Out.

Owen: Do you reckon she's onto us, Bender?

Bender: Yup.

Owen: Oh boy.

[They went off and they made it to the food stands]

Fry: Look, Owen! There it is! Snack shack dead ahead, here we come!

Owen: Oh boy! Here Comes Owen!

They went off and they made a giant Sandwich and then Dora Kid appeared

Dora Kid: Step away from the Sandwich!

Owen: But we can't leave a hotdog to be ruined.

Dora Kid: Wow! That was some hotdog! Tell you what. If you make one for me. I'll let you go free.

After that they made a sandwich for him and they were all full

Dora: (Laugh) Hey, I'm sorry I shook you guys up.

Owen: It's ok. Owen forgives you. Even though, we're trying to solve a mystery to find some clues.

Dora Kid: Well, if you're finding some clues, best be going to the Haunted House.

[They look scared about the Haunted House]

Cody: Haunted House?


The Girls Gwen, Courtney, Sierra, Zoey, Amy and Leela are at the Theme Park

Zoey: Girls, we've been on every ride in the place and we haven't found anything we need.

Leela: I know exactly what what I need to find - something to turn my stomach right-side up!

Cody (on walkie talkie): Total Drama fan to Boyfriend Kisser. Come in, Gwen. Over.

Gwen: This is Gwen, Cody. Over.

Noah (on walkie talkie): Okay, Gwen, we've kinda got some good news and some bad news.

Courtney: What's the good news?

Fry: (on walkie talkie) The Robot Cat security guard told us where to find clues... that's the good news.

Zoey: Great! Where?

Bender: (on walkie talkie) That's the bad news, it's at the Haunted House.

Amy: Okay, Girls, next stop... the Haunted House.

Dora Kid (on walkie talkie): Oh. There are some food.

Owen (on walkie talkie): Really thanks!

They heard eating noises

Gwen: What's going on? I heard munching noise. Are you boys eating again?

Fry: (on walkie talkie) Gotta go bye!

Zoey: Girls, looks like we got company.

They are fighting them and then a Boy appears

Boy: Halt! How dare to enter my town?

Zoey: You're town?

Boy: Who are you girls?

Zoey: Zoey, Gwen, Courtney, Sierra, Leela and Amy.

Sierra: And who are you?

Numbers: I am Numbers! I keep these streets clean with my super-awesome gadgets. You'd be...

Then a light flash him

Zoey: (laugh) Funny!

The light got switch on because of Gwen mess him up and then Numbers's Device is beeping

Number: They're coming. Never read, Numbers is. Whooaaa!

He lost his balance And they are fighting them

Courtney: Come on, let's go find the Haunted House.

They went to the Haunted House and they found a Clue

Gwen: Wow. A clue.

She bring out her walkie talkie

Gwen: Boyfriend finder to Blue May.

Trent: (on walkie talkie) Hi Gwen. Found anything, me, Mike and Duncan didn't found anything.

Courtney: Fortunately, we just met a boy-vigilante. He say he's here to "clean the street". Be careful, he's technological knowledge deck makes him a suspect.

Duncan: Thanks, Courtney. The boys and I will keep an eye on him. Anything else?

Zoey: Yes, he dropped a Clue - A Toy detector it should be come in handy.

Mike: (on walkie talkie):


[Owen, Noah, Cody, Fry and Bender are in the desert and then they saw a Giant robot and now it's chasing Owen, Cody, Noah, Fry and Bender]

Owen: You think Ryan spot us?

Cody: You think? Run!

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