The Song has play

The song has ended

XJ-4: So what do you think, Jenny?

Jenny: That was a Great song, but I don't think I suitable for me.

All: (Gasp)

Jenny: I just want my human friends to be in the Concert today.

XJ-4: But what if Mum find out!?

Jenny: If you don't know, then I'm not gonna sing.

She left

Ace: Jenny!


They went off

XJ-4: This is bad! And how do we get into this situation like this?

XJ-6. Not only has that girl fallen in love at the worst possible time. But with a Human!

Nora: My daughter is in love with a Human?

All: (Gasp)

XJ-6 Don't tell me, he's here.

XJ-4: Yes, he is.

They look at Nora and she looks angry


Jenny and our Heroes saw him and Tuck

Jenny: Oh!

Ace: Is that Brad and Tuck?

Jenny: That's right.

Daffy: Let's go see him.

Jenny: No. I... I don't think I could tell him. I'm too shy to ask Brad. And beside he's a Human and I'm a Robot.

Then he drop something after he left

Jenny: What's that?

The pendent got stuck from the rock

Jenny: That must be his pendent.

Wile: We can't get that out.

Ace: Great.

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