This is how rock n roll showdown and Ladyan vs Rockset goes in Guitar Villain (CTaRAoMToLaCN).

[That night]

Ladyan: Ok, Ladybug. You know the plan?

Ladybug: Yeah!

Emmet: Cody see that Sunset's guitar has the Akuma in it.

Ladybug: I can see that.

Ladyan: And that is some good advice. [to Kitty Noir] Like a cat. [rings Kitty Noir's bell]

Cat Noir: Hey, that's my thing.

Kitty Noir: You two handle Guitar Villain and rescue Mr. XY. Ladyan will handle Sunset McStone.

[Sci-Ryan laughs]

Sci-Ryan: That made me laugh.

[Up on the tower]

Rockset Shimmer: Hellooooo, Paris! Tell us who you love!

Crowd: Rockset Shimmer! Guitar Villain!

[Rockset's hair flares up in gold and red flames as she grows more powerful]

Ladyan: Here we go.

Matau T. Monkey: Ok. I know how to...

Crash Bandicoot: Thomas?

[The others look at him]

Sci-Ryan: [rolls his eyes sighing] Can you please watch something else besides Twilight?

Thomas: Okay. [holds up a photo of Twilight and sighs]

Matau T. Monkey: Ok, Sci-Ryan. What would Tucker do?

Sci-Ryan: Well, obviously he would use his off-key singing voice to make the crowd stop chanting.

Flutterwing: [gasps in realization] That's it!

[He removes the Dazzlings pendants]

Aria Blaze: Hey!

Sci-Ryan: I think he knows what he plans. [removes the Cyberling's pendants] Sing, guys!

Evil Anna: You want us to sing? You said Tucker stink.

Sci-Ryan: We were just kidding. He rocks. He rocks on. And so do you.

Evil Ryan: Ok. I hope it was worse then Unicron.

[They go onto the stage]

The Dazzlings and the Cyberlings: [off-key] We will be adored~

Tell us that you want us~

We won't be ignored~

It's time for our reward~

Crowd: [only half stop] Rockset Shimmer! Guitar Villain!

Bertram T. Monkey: It's working.

Evil Ryan: I felt a bit more happy then this.

[Ladyan charges and knocks down Rockset like Sunset did in the Rainbow Rocks movie]

Ladyan: Hey, Sun-hit wonder. Mind if I jam with the band?

[A butterfly frame appears round Rockset's eyes]

Ryan Repulsa: Ladyan is here! Fight him and take his Miraculous! The bracelet!

[It vanishes]

Rockset Shimmer: Look here, Ladyan! I do not do duets!

[She strums the strings and sends an energized fist at Ladyan]

Kitty Noir: [pushes him out of the way] Look out!

[The fist hits the ground]

Ladyan: Thanks.

Kitty Noir: No problem.

[Before Rockset can sing, Ladyan uses his yoyo to knock the microphone off her hand]

Ladyan: Hey, no vocals allowed. Maybe you should let me use mine?

Rockset Shimmer: [growls]

Ladyan: [to Kitty Noir] Do you know your powers? Use them.

Kitty Noir: Okay. [brings out her staff]

Ladyan: I think Ladybug knows this, Rockset. You will be knocked out. Lucky Charm!

[A sword like microphone appears]

Ladyan: A microphone? I can use the thing to sing.

Rockset Shimmer: [laughs] You are a joke.

[Ladyan looks around and spots some things that glow Red with black spots: A speaker, a power cable and Rockset's guitar]

Ladyan: That's it.

Iago: Matau. I got an idea. It's risky but it might work. Remember Sam kissed a guy to break Danny from Ember's spell?

Matau T. Monkey: Yeah?

Iago: Kiss Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Matau T. Monkey: Don't mind if I do.

[Matau grabs Twilight]

Twilight Sparkle: Matau, what are you doing?

Matau T. Monkey: You know, we are in Paris. I could give you a kiss good luck.

Twilight Sparkle: Matau. Not in front of Thomas. It'll break his spark.

Matau T. Monkey: Nah. Let him look. For I got love in my heart. [kisses Twilight]

[Thomas gasps and snaps out of his love trance]

Thomas: Twilight. How could you? I... Get away from her!

Matau T. Monkey: Whoa! Too soon! MEGATRON!!!! [activates his jet pack and flies up to Ladybug and Cat Noir on top of the tower]

Thomas: You and Matau? But we were... But… we weren’t, were we?

Twilight Sparkle: He have to do it to free you. Because that is what friends do when they are under a spell. Rockset did that to you.

[Thomas turns around and sees Rockset sticking her toung out. His eyes blaze sky blue as he frowns]

Thomas: [growling] Rockset…

Twilight Sparkle: Thomas? Are you okay?

[Thomas shuts his eyes and the blue glow fades]

Thomas: [looking at her] No. I feel like my spark’s been ripped out. [close-up on his face] But I know who I can take it out on!

[Thomas transforms to OpThomas Prime]

Sci-Ryan: Matau will handle Guitar Villain, Prime.


Ladyan: I need help over here!

Kitty Noir: I've got it! Cataclysm!

[she summons her Dark OathKeeper Keyblade and her right glove glows black]

Rockset Shimmer: Take that! [stums her guitar and fires hearts]

[Kitty Noir swings the Dark Oathkeeper and thrusts her hand at the hearts]

[The blasts collide and disapears. Ladyan and Rockset clash their weapons then Thomas knocks Rockset's guitar off her hands and Sci-Ryan catches it]

Sci-Ryan: Ladyan. Set your microphone up.

Ladyan: Ok, Sci-Ryan.

[Ladyan does by plugging his microphone to the speaker. Sci-Ryan plays on Rockset's guitar]

Sci-Ryan: [off-key] Ember!~

You will remember~

Ember, one thing remains~

Ember, so warm and tender~

You will remember my name!~

Crowd: Ember?

[The crowd stops chanting Rockset's name and Rockset's hair stops flaring and her power decreases]

Rockset Shimmer: No! Wait! Tell us who you love! Come on! Say it!

[Cricket chirps]

Rockset Shimmer: Say our names! SAY OUR NAMES!!!

Sci-Ryan: The only thing you're saying is "See you never"! [hits Rockset on the head with her guitar and the guitar brakes] Smash!

[The Akuma flies out]

Ladyan: Your evil doing is over, Akuma.

[Ladyan's YoYo opens as Ladyan twirls it around]

Ladyan: Time to de-evilise!

[He catches the Akuma and Ladyan's yoyo closes]

Ladyan: Gotcha!

[Ladyan opens his yo-yo and a butterfly flies away]

Ladyan: Goodbye, butterfly. Miraculous LADYBUG!

[Ladyan tosses the microphone up into the air and disappears as a wave of pink that restores the damage. Rockset turns back to Sunset]

Sunset Shimmer: What... happened? Where am I?

Ladyan, Thomas and Kitty Noir: Pound it.

Sci-Ryan: Sunset? Bertram was worried about you. Sorry I hit you on the head with your guitar.

Sunset Shimmer: It's ok.

Ladyan: I hope Matau did the same for Ladybug, Kitty Noir.


Matau T. Monkey: Ok, Guitar Villain. Let Mr. XY go or SwanSong will sing so loud, you will have a headache for next week.

Guitar Villain:




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