Rockset Shimmer is the female version of Guitar Villain with half Ember McLain's features and the akumatized villain alter-ego of Sunset Shimmer.


Rockset was created when Iago told Sunset that Jagged Stone was lame just like Ember McLain but she told him they weren't and ran off. Ryan Repulsa and Hawk Moth saw this and sent an akuma to evilize Sunset into their follower. The akuma landed on Sunset's guitar and Ryan Repulsa communicated with her through a butterfly frame around her eyes. When Sunset agrees, she


She looks like Sunset with half of Ember's and Guitar Villain's outfit. Her guitar is her weapon and it looks like


  • She


  • [after Ryan Repulsa asks if she can get the Miraculous and the Matrix] Yeah. Soon, all of Paris will remember me and my boyfriend's names!
  • I'm Rockset Shimmer. The most well-remembered rockstar in all of Paris.
  • How about I lay down a few power-chords instead, Robo-Train!
  • You got that right, Babypop. And the more people chanting, the stronger I get.
  • You think me and my boyfriend are strong now? Just wait until midnight, when our concert goes global and the whole world is chanting our names. Then you'll all be our slaves!
  • Ahh. Teen love. They say it never lasts. But nothing distracts teenagers more than hormones and I need to keep you busy for the next eight hours. I have more than just music for you. Now that they're chanting me and my boyfriend's names, our music can affect you! How about a love song?!
  • Well, I think we'll leave the new couple alone. Ciao, babies.
  • Mr XY. Long time, no see.
  • Let's go.
  • Hell-o, Collège Françoise Dupont! Tell us who you love!
  • Oh great. A critic. Maybe the former follower of Unicron will like our new song better.
  • Bring it, Ladybug and... [to Crash] Bandicoot Boy?
  • Megatron is not my bodyguard, dip-stick.
  • Look here, Ladyan. I do not do duets!
  • No! Wait! Tell us who you love!

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