(ロトRoto) is Dr. Z's grandson and a member of Alpha Gang. Like his younger sister, he is quite intelligent and is more experienced in Dinosaur Battles than the A-Team.


Rod is an expert scientist, often helping Grandpa or Seth. Although he and Laura are much smarter and better with dinosaurs than the A-Team[1] (only in the anime), they are often stuck on Zeta Point thanks to Helga. Rod is the same age as Rex. Laura reveals that they never knew what their grandfather did to Rex and his parents.

Rod, like most of the Alpha Gang, fears Helga, the caretaker.

Ancient's Time Travel

Before the events of Dinosaur King he and his sister, Laura leave their parents and along with their grandfather join the Ancient's mission to save all the dinosaurs from extinction. This eventually leads him and the rest of Alpha Gang to the present day in the D-Team's timeline.

As a member of the Alpha Gang

During the events of Dinosaur King, Rod is the expert scientist and helps his grandfather in his goal to capture all the dinosaurs to create his dinosaur kingdom. He serves as the mechanic and hijacker for Zeta Points machines and information on occasional times.