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In her green and yellow costume with a brown leather jacket, Rogue is virtually interchangeable with her early 1990s comic incarnation. She speaks in a sassy, Southern accent and generally has an attitude of good-humored irreverence. Her impressive powers of super-strength, invulnerability, and flight are frequently demonstrated early in the series. Also in line with the comics are her deeply harbored, usually hidden feelings of isolation. Gambit flirts with her, and though she feels equally attracted to him, her fear of harming him with her powers causes her to push him away, thus driving her to further solitary, brooding soul-searching. She was the adopted daughter of Mystique, after running away from home when her father rejected her for being a mutant. Like her comic book counterpart, she put her boyfriend, Cody, in a coma when her powers manifested during her first kiss. Rogue is shown in her mid-twenties.


  • Rogue is Gambit's girlfriend.