{cut to stables}

Frou-frou: Oh, Roquefort, I've never been so worried about you. Did you have any luck at all?

Roquefort: Not a sign of them, Frou-frou, and I've searched all night.

Frou-frou: I know. And poor Madame didn't sleep a wink either.

Roquefort: Oh, it's a sad day for all of us.

[Edgar walks in humming happily]

Edgar: Morning, Frou-frou, my pretty steed. Can you keep a secret? Hmm? [He waves a newspaper] Of course you can. I've some news straight from the horses's mouth, if you'll pardon the expression, of course. Look, Frou-frou, I've made the headlines. Mysterious catnapper abducts family of cats. Aren't you proud of me?

Roquefort: So, he's the catnapper!

Edgar: The police said it was a professional, masterful job. The work of a genius. No bad, eh, Frou-frou, old girl?

[He slaps Frou-frou on the rump with the newspaper and she whinnies loud]

Edgar: Oh, they won't find a clue to implicate me. Not one single clue. Why, I'll, I'll eat my hat if they-- My hat! My umbrella! Oh! Oh, gracious! I've fot to fet those things back tonight!

Roquefort (climbing out of oats): Why that [spits] sneaky, crooked,

 [spits] no good [spits] butler!

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