Rothbart the Spell-Weaver


Rothbart is an evil enchanter and the main antagonist in Winnie the Pooh Meets The Swan Princess. After Princess Odette was born, he planned to kill her father, King William and take over his kingdom by using the forbidden arts, but his plan was backfired when King William and his guards arrived and stopped him on eve of his assult and destroyed his lab. He was then banished and he vows that someday he will have everything William had and loved. Years later, he returned and he turned into a "Great Animal" and he murdered King William and captured Princess Odette and her guides, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet and took them away to the kingdom of Swan Lake. Lord Rothbart transformed Odette into a beautiful swan every night. The next day, Rothbart trys to force the jinxed princess into to marry him, hoping to rule her father's kingdom together legally as king and queen. But Odette replies: "I'll die first." and she tells him that she really loved Prince Derek. On the night of the royal ball, Rothbart's henchwoman, a hag witch named Bridget disguises herself as a replica of Odette and tricks Derek. Soon the prince realizes that she is not the real Odette, so he, Pooh and the other animals set off to rescue Odette. Back at Swan Lake, Rothbart transforms himself into a giant black creature known as The Great Animal and fought Derek and his animal friends. The battle ends when Derek's friend Bromley and Jean Bob the frog gaved the prince an arrow and a bow. He then defeated Rothbart by shooting an arrow at him into his heart and Rothbart collapses into the lake, exploding upon impact.