Roy Prong

Roy Prong, the arrogant teenager, devoted to protecting wildlife.


Roy Prong is a tall teenager who travels with the Thornberrys family and devotes his life to protecting the wildlife. He is an original fan fiction character created by kylgrv.

Roy is a wildlife expert who loves exploring the wildlife around him. He's very intelligent and knows the dangers of every habitat he enters with the Thornberrys family. However, he's an arrogant and quiet fellow with a tragic past that he had trouble trying to cope with.

While in Africa, his parents were killed by poachers when he was young. After their death, he was sent to London where he spent most of his life going through school. He was very lonely, quiet and didn't like talking about his past life with anyone. After he graduated, he began working at the Beatrice Boarding School as a mistreated janitor. His lonely nature came to an end when he met Eliza Thornberry who was sent to the boarding school from Africa to be safe. Roy learned that Eliza put her life at risk while trying to save a cheetah cub named Tally, who was abducted by poachers. Roy felt terrible that Eliza failed to save him, but he decided that it was time to go back to Africa and stop the poachers from doing any further damage to the environment and it's inhabitants. He was joined by Eliza, her chimpanzee Darwin, but also Kyle the Otter and Kaytlin the Otter of the Future Time Travel Squadron. Together, they travelled all the way back to Africa, put an end to the poachers diabolical plans, and Roy decided to travel with Eliza and her family on their future expeditions.


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