Ruber's loyal but bumbling monster.

The griffin is the loyal pet of Ruber. He stole the sword, Excalibur along with 3 evil digimon. However, Silverwings interfered the griffin, and lost the sword. Showing that despite it's serious looking appearence, it's surprisingly awkward and shows standards found in your usual villain sidekicks, bumbling, idiotic, likely to tell stupid jokes, and serious only when heroes show up. He helped chased Kaley till she was finally captured. The griffin was later chased off by Cornwall and Devon when they finally learned to work togather. After Ruber's defeat, the griffin has been shown to become an independent villain, however not very successful. His first job was with an evil mime named Jazz Hands. His later boss was Ratigan. The griffin has yet to be seen again for now.


  • The Griffin made his first guest appearance in an Ed, Edd n Eddy crossover in the Eds Adventures of Totally Spies: Jazz Hands Returns.
  • In the final battle Courage and Friends Go on A Quest for Canterlot, The Darkness Griffin's orgins revealed that he was betrayed by Celestia and Luna like The Darkness did to his homeworld. And he was later killed by Ahsoka Tano during the final battle with Devon and Cornwall .

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