Ruber (Song) was the only Villain song appears in Quest for Camelot.


Camelot ! Let's go back to war and violence

I'm so bored with peace and SILENCE !

Nights of evil, filled with fear

Your worst dream, that's my idea of fun !

Let darkness find it's sad ways;

Let's go back to good old bad days

No more foolish acts of kindness

Arthur and his kingdom will be mine !

Years from now, no one will bother

To recall your good King Arthur

Because all of this will be mine !

This will all be mine !

I have a plan; it includes you

You, Juliana, will lead me to Camelot

Where I will claim all this is mine

In the back of your wagons, my men will all hide

You'll sit up front as the gates open wide

Now watch me create my mechanical army with pride !

With this potion I bought from some witches

A drop on this chicken;

And watch as it switches into a weapon

That I can use at will.

Now this chicken can kill !

Ta-dah ! Behold:

Blade beaker !

Stand right up and enter quickly;

I'll transform the meek and sickly into iron men with hands of steel.

Yes, yes, into the water ! Quickly ! Now, go, you fools !

Next stand up straight, now ! Move it along !

No, no, no, no, no, that's no good !

Prepare for the dawning of a new age:

The Ruberian age !

Year One !

Choral Chant:

(Bring on the darkness, bring on the gloom,

We are the army of glory and gloom)

(Bring on the darkness, bring on the gloom,

We are the army of glory and gloom)

Choral Chant continues:

Only one will be revered,

Worshipped, hated, loved, and feared !

I'd just like to say a few words:


You were mistaken if you believed

Ruber was someone who'd crumble and leave

Now I am back, and I will be staying this time !

End Choral Chant:

I told you once

I told you twice !

Everything you see before you

Every last bit of it will...



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