If You Want to Edit Sora's Adventure Stuff, then read all the rules. Please study it carefully, for it will be your ONLY WARNING!


  1. Holiday Specials are Allowed.
  2. Original Characters are acceptable.
  3. If you're thinking of making a Winnie the Pooh or spin-off crossover with a live-action film adaption of a Marvel character, check first to see if there was an animated TV series adaption of that chracter because an animated TV series adaption may have a different storyline than a live-action film adaption.
  4. Comedies, Adventures, Action, and Fantasy is accepted, and No Violence

Not Allowed

  1. No comments on any pages.
  2. Only Animated and Live Action characters. (such as Pixar, Disney Channel Original Series and Movies, Amblin, Power Rangers)
  3. No Shows or Characters that Feeling Uncomfarble with. (No Naurato, No Dreamworks, Sailor Moon, No Nicktoon Cartoons or Cartoon Network Characters Allowed)

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