Here's how the runaway train and saving the passengers goes in The Silver Streak and Daylight Special.

["The train (from Spider-Man 2)" starts playing]

Nyx: Um, do you think we're going a bit fast?

Human Pinkie: Yes!

Zeñorita: I think it's because no one's in the engine!

Sunil Nevla: No driver?

Skyla: No, driver means... CRASH!!!

Snowdrop: Couldn't we pull an emergeny cord?

Human Pinkie: I think Sonata cut all the cords.

Zoe Trent: How do you know that?

Human Pinkie: Just a hunch.

Skyla: Oh no, what are we gonna do?

Nyx: We'll have to get to the engine.

Minka Mark: Good thinking.

[they start heading to it as the Silver Streak races on]

[back with the police]

Officer Drake: How's it going?

Officer #2: They don't believe us.

Officer Drake: What?

Signal maintainer: The engineer is probobly trying to bring the train in on time.

Officer Drake: [takes radio] This is Officer Drake, who's this?

Signal maintainer: [on radio] I'm Jordan Barry, I'm assistant controller.

Officer Drake: Assistant? [on radio] Get me your boss.

Jordan Barry: He's out to lunch but I'm sure I can handle anything you have.

Officer Drake: It's not my problem, you've a out cold crew and a runaway train that's gonna hit Sunnyside Beaches in 25 minutes. Now what are you gonna do?!

Jordan Barry: Okay, I'll check with the signal towers. But if the crew is out cold, who's driving the train?

[we veiw the welded petal as the train speeds on, out-of-control]

Blackie: I've got to get on the Silver Streak!

Spongebob: How?

Blackie: Guess I'll jump for it.

Spongebob: Go ahead!

Blackie: [backs up for a running start] Here goes. [he runs forwards and jumps. He lands on the second car] I did it. [runs up to the baggage car and climbs down the ladder]

SpongeBob: Careful, Blackie.

Blackie: [nods as he goes in]

[The train continues]

Blackie: Guys! Guys! Where are you?!

Skyla: Over here!

[Blackie comes up to them]

Blackie: Are you okay?

Nyx: Yeah.

Blackie: We need to get to the engine. Follow me.

[They follow Blackie]

[back with the controller]

Jordan Barry: I recieved a report, they see no one at the controls.

Officer Drake: Great, now you got the facts. Just answer me this, what track is the Silver Streak on?

Jordan Barry: That's just it, the Silver Streak was switched onto a dead-end platform.

Officer Drake: Oh dammit. [on radio] Then what the heck are ya gonna do? They are people on that train!

Jodan Barry: Oh no, I better get my boss.

Officer Drake: You better do somehing, you idiot, because in 20 minutes you're goona have 300 tons of train come crashing it's way through the station and right into the beaches! [shuts off radio] I better contact them.

[back on the Silver Streak]

Blackie: We need to hurry.

[they reach the rear engine]

Skyla: This has gotta be the rear engine.

Blackie: It is. [tries to open the door but it won't open] [as Dan Reid] It's jammed! Give me a hand!

Skyla: [does so]

[they get the door open and head inside and start walking for the lead engine]

Blakie: Easy, now.

[at the station]

Jordan Barry: Hey Al, have you seen Henry?

Al: Yeah, I saw him in the refreshment shop.

Jordan Barry: [races for it]

[back on the Silver Streak]

Blackie: [kicks open the door and jumps into the cab (pistols in hand)] Coast is clear.

[The others come in]

Zeñorita: ¿Dónde está el piloto?

Human Applejack: Here's the driver! [lifting up the out cold driver]

Blackie: [feels his neck] He's still got a pulse. Get the crew out of here.

Human Applejack: Okay. [she lifts them up and carries them back to the coaches]

Blackie: [notices the toolbox] That's why we're still going! They rigged the dead man's petal! [he takes the toolbox off only to find the petal's welded to the floor] Darn, it's welded! Someone pull the brake!

Human Pinkie: I will! [grabs the brake levers but she pulls them the wrong way and they break off] Oof! [hen sees what she did] Oops.

Blackie: [as Brody] That's great! THAT'S JUST GREAT!!! NOW WHERE ARE WE, HUH?!

Human Pinkie: Sorry.

Blackie: Not to worry, we'll cut off power and use the coach's handbrakes and we'll coast to a stop.

[radio static]

Minka Mark: What's that?

Blackie: It's my radio I carry around. [grabs it and presses the talk button] Hello?

SpongeBob: [on radio] Blackie! Can you read me?

Blackie: Yes.

Spongebob: [on radio] Good. Are you in the engine?

Blackie: Yes, we are. The brakes are gone though. But we're gonna cut off power and then use the coach's handbrakes and then we'll coast to a stop.

Spongebob: [on raidio] But that's just it, Officer Drake just radioed me and told me the track the Silver Streak's switched on is a dead-end platform!

Russel Ferguson: [looking at a map] Uh guys, he's right. Look at this map.

[They look at the map]

Huamn Rarity:We're gonna crash! Now what?!

Human Pinkie: We jump.

Pepper Clark: What about the passengers?

Human Pinkie: They'll just have to jump too!

Blackie: There's no time to evacuate the train! Follow me, I've got another idea!

[at the station]

Jordon Barry: [searching the refreshment stand] Where is he?!

[back with the Silver Streak]

Human Fluttershy: What's the plan?

Blackie: We come between the engines!

[they come inbtween the engines and coaches]

Blackie: We have to uncouple the cars! Someone's gotta lean over the side and grab the uncoupling bar.

Human Rarity: What?! But that's dangerous! Who's crazy enough to do it!?

Blackie: I'll do it!

Human Rarity: Are you crazy?!

Human Rainbow: What'll we do?

Blackie: Head to the end of each coach and find a lever, once I uncouple the engines, start cranking!

Human Rainbow: Okay!

[at the station]

Jordan Barry: [finds Henry] The Silver Streak's a runaway!

Henry: Oh shoot, it's gonna be here in 10 minutes!

[Blackie soon is closer to the lever]

Zoe Trent: Hurry! We don't have much time!

Blackie: [grabs the lever and lifts it] Come on! Unhook! [lifts the lever which releases the diesel's knuckle coupler but then it gets stuck]

Penny Ling: HUH?! It's stuck! [stamps on the coupler] Come on! Unhook, will ya?!

Blackie: I'll have to get the other coupler!

[at the station]

PA: Your attention please, vacant platform 4. This is an emergency! Vacant track 4 at once!

[many of the people waiting start to evacuate track 4]

[back with the train]

[Blackie leans off the side of the baggage car and reaches for the lever]

Minka Mark: Okay, I'm gonna give him a hand! Or even four!

[the Silver Streak still continues to drive out of control]

[Soon, Minka and Blackie give the lever one jerk and the coupler releases as the engines start to overtake the coaches]

Blackie: Now guys! Now!

[each of the group starts cranking on the hand brakes as they each come on]

[But the runaway engines contnue on, and then as they race into the station they smash through the end-of-track barrier, and into the terminal, spectacularly destroying everything in they path. (as the people have gooten out of the way, just in time) And they continue their way, destroying a info kiosk, driving through a pile of barrels and then drive through a broken barn before stopping in the dirt.]

[the coaches then slowly roll into the platform and come to a complete stop]

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