(Next morning as the ash cloud clears)

(The ranger trucks, the arm trucks and the police cars arrives)

(The sheriff comes out)

Sheriff: Where's the lieutenant?

Soldier: He's over here in this vehicle.

(The lieutenant come out)

Sheriff: You're a sight for sore eyes. Lieutanant, take your men and sweep every building in town, top to bottom.

Lieutenant: Everybody out! Go!

Sheriff: Get everyone on the truck and get them out. This thing's going to blow.

(Smokey appears in Dante's Peak, flying, with Bambi, Tod, Vixey, Faline, Great Prince, Geni and Gurri, being carried by him, and Smokey lands on the ground and let's them go)

(Tod and Vixey jumps off Smokey)

Tod: Thank you, Smokey.

Great Prince: Now go. Find your master.

(Smokey flies out of Dante's Peak)

Bambi: I hope Pooh and our friends are all right.

Faline: I hope so too.

Tod: I wonder what's become of them.

Vixey: They will be fine, Tod.

Tod: You're right, Vixey.

(Somewhere in the forest)

(Harry carries Ruth)

Ruth: Stop, please stop. Please stop.

(Ruth sobs)

(The heroes stop)

Harry: (putting Ruth down on the ground) Here we go.

(Ruth lays on the ground)

Rachel: Hang on, Ruth. You're going to be okay.

Lauren: Here, Grandma, have my crystal.

Ruth: Oh, ladybug, that's so nice, but keep it for you luck, okay?

Lauren: Okay.

Rachel: I'm sorry for what I said to you up there. I really didn't mean it.

Ruth: Ash, do you remember to follow your heart and have courage?

Ash: (in Littlefoot's voice sobbing) I guess so. But why do I know anything? You've got to be with me.

Pooh: You've been the best friend in the world.

Graham: Hang on, Grandma. It's just two miles to the ranger station.

Ruth: I don't think I have another two miles left in me, ace.

Graham: Yes, Grandma, please.

Ruth: It's okay.

Graham: (sobs) No, Grandma.

Ruth: I get to stay on my mountain.

Graham: No...

(Everyone looks down at Ruth until she dies)

Lauren: Grandma.

Ash: Ruth? Ruth?

Rachel: Ruth...

(Pooh feels sad in sorrow)

(Tigger feels sad in sorrow)

(Franklin feels sad in sorrow)

(Bear feels sad in sorrow)

(Yogi feels sad in sorrow)

(Beaver feels sad in sorrow)

(Snail sobs)

(Ash sobs)

Pikachu: Pika.

Hunter: (in Bagheera's voice) Now, now. I know how you feel.

Benjamin: Let's get going.

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