Ryalight Glimmer

Ryalight Glimmer is the Starlight Glimmer version of Ryan F-Freeman from an alternate dimension.


When Ryan saw Twilight dove into Cybertron's core, he became to grief-struck and gone mad and upset. Then he goes to the Transformers: Prime world to pursue his own path. While watching a MLP FIM episode where Starlight appears in on TV, Ryan decided to follow Starlight's hoofsteps, made his hair look like Starlight's, change the colour of his cybernetics' armor and chaged his name to "Ryalight Glimmer". Ryalight found Megatron on Earth and manipulate him to becoming evil again which makes Sunset sad. Later, Ryalight, with Megatron's help, became a leader of Our Town by making everyone there the same by replacing the Transformers' logos with equal signs. His plan falls apart when Ryan expose Ryalight's cutie mark and drove him out of town. Later on, he disguised himself as Ryan in order to make the Decepticons find OpThomas but, it's foiled when Ryan fought him in a Keyblade battle and stops the signal.


He has Starlight's personality when she was evil.


Ryalight looks like Ryan but with Starlight's feachures.

Friendship with John Lumic

In Crash's, Twilight's and Ryan's Adventures of Doctor Who, Ryalight goes to Earth in a alternate universe called Pete's World and meet up with John Lumic, CEO, director and co-founder of Cybus Industries. Ryalight told John that he wants to make everyone the same and John told Ryalight that he wants to make everyone the same as well by turning humans into Cybermen. After realizing that he have the same thing, Ryalight became friends with Lumic.

Relatioship with Quintessa

When Ryalight goes to Cybertron, he heard a voice saying "Ryalight Glimmer". He wonders who said that then he saw a woman in silver. Ryalight asks for her name, in which she replies "



  • Hi. My name is Ryalight Glimmer. Welcome to Our Town.
  • Ugh! Ryalight, you clumsy boy!
  • You all be living every day of your lives thinking you're much "better" then Morro or anyone else if it wasn't my magical talents and powers. I brought you friendship! I brought you equality! I CREATED HARMONY!!!
  • What does it matter? Everyone else said it's true. [to Megatran] Am I right?
  • The only way for us to be happy is we will all be equal.
  • [to Mal] Forget it, pal. Or should I say Mal?
  • Silly Mal. I was just laying low. Conserving my energy. Waiting for my moment and it worked. Now, I'm in charge.
  • Hello, Ryan and Cody. Or should I say Codylight?
  • How could Ryan have been able to sneak out like that?! [gasps in realization] Mal! Oh, he's messing with my plans! [growls in frustration] I'm coming for you, bro.
  • It's so easy to imitate Starlight in her hoofsteps. Not even Mal has a clue I'm pretending to be nice. I should've done this eons ago.
  • Better watch your step, pal. Or is it Mal?
  • [sings] As for Odette, well that's tragic~
  • Dead donkeys don't talk?
  • Oh my. Ryan and now Starscream!?
  • Megatron is not your bodyguard anymore, Sunset Shimmer. He is my partner.
  • My assistant and second leader is changed. He's no longer Megatran. Megatran was a loser like my friend Twilight and that stupid Supergirl.
  • I also know Mal's getting suspicious. That could be a problem. Especially with Ryan at Mal's side. Mike's side. Their side. Whatever. They won't have to hide from me much longer.
  • You and Ryan want to know what happened to me, Twilight!? I'LL SHOW YOU!!!
  • Prime picked you, but not me! Ryan become a Prime but, I didn't! I stayed on Earth and never made a friend because I am scared that the Allspark would take them too!
  • And when I fill Ryan with the Allspark, there will be NO WAY for Optimus to change it!
  • I thought you and I are the same, but we turned out diffrent and it [fills Ryan with the Allsaprk] TORE OUR FRIENDSHIP APART!!!!
  • I won't join you, Ryan! I want Twilight alive! It's [empties the rest of the Allspark in Optimus] MY turn! Even if I fight you for flipping years!
  • See that, Ryan? That Sigel. The X. It tells us where Sora is at all times.
  • Ok. Randall and I know how to make all of this dissapear. What happens when the whistle blows in five minutes?
  • Everyone goes to lunch. Which means the Scarefloor will be...
  • Empty! It will be empty, you Sun lover! You see that clock? The big hand is pointing up and the little hand is pointing up. The kid's door will be in Randall's station. But, when the big hand points DOWN... the door will be gone. You tell Mike he has till then to put the kid back. Get the idea?
  • Daffy Duck. Galvatron wants the Matrix.
  • Unicron. Ryvine's mentor. With this, I shall make you my and Galvatron's slave.
  • With my girlfriend's staff and Ryan's Keyblade, we can drain the life force from Unicron.



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