Ryan's Energon Problem is a new movie based on the Transformers Prime episode Stronger, Faster.


Ratchet shows the Equestria Girls how he created Synthetic Energon and how it works. Desiring to help out in missions, Ratchet injects himself with the substance and immediately, his speed, strength and agility increase. But the substance has a side-affect of aggression which consumes Ratchet and injecting himself with more of the liquid only leads to him getting into a fight with Thomas. Ratchet then intends on taking on Megatron himself but soon winds up in trouble. Thomas takes James and Percy to help Ratchet and they succeed. However, Sunset Shimmer (Opposite) gets a sample of the Synth En.


Ratchet's Synth En demonstration

Ratchet, the Autobot medic, is working on a test while the Cyberlings are singing with Ryan and the Dazzlings. The Rainbooms tune up their instruments and look at Ratchet. Cody and Sunset call Ratchet's name and he looks up at them. AU Ryan asks Ratchet what test is he about to do and Ratchet informs that he's doing a demonstration on how Synthetic Energon works


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