Here is how Ryan's footprint mat test goes in Sci-Ryan's and Sci-Mary's Camp Adventure.

[Ryan has invented up a reddest footprint mat, then Ryan saw Sunset. She was wearing her school spirit outfit from Friendship Games]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. Hi, Sunset.

Sunset Shimmer: Hey, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: Is Sci-Mary okay?

Sci-Ryan: I guess she's ok, Ryan. Ranyx got her amulet safe.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah.

Crash Bandicoot: So. Wanna help us with our Keyblade skills?

Ryan F-Freeman: You guys go ahead. I will catch up with you later.

[Crash and Sci-Ryan left]

Sunset Shimmer: I think it's cool, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. [looked at Sunset's shoes] Wow, Sunset. I love those heels. Because they're pretty.

[Sunset looked down at her feet, her shoes are dark red and has two pink laces on each one. The silver buttons hold them down and have little pink triangles around the top]

Sunset Shimmer: Thank you. My shoes are made by Canterlot Shoe Co.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. Wanna try?

Sunset Shimmer: Sure. I hope this works.

[Sunset steps on the mat, she pressed her shoe down while the mat. Then, the heels made a print]

Sunset Shimmer: Whoa.

Ryan F-Freeman: What's the shape be, Sunset?

Sunset Shimmer: I think the shape will be a high heel.

Ryan F-Freeman: I think it worked.

Sunset Shimmer: Yeah, Ryan. My friends couldn't wait to see it.

Sci-Ryan: What have worked? The mat?

Sunset Shimmer: [looked at the soles of her shoes] ,

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey, Sci-Ryan. I guess I have to find Rarity and forget about shoes.

Sci-Ryan: Oh. My sister told me that Rarity could try that mat.

Ryan F-Freeman: Cool. Hey, Sci-Mary.

Sci-Mary Beth: Yes, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: You did got your amulet?

Sci-Mary Beth: Yep.

Sci-Ryan: I think so. Could anyone forget about shoes?

[They hear Sci-Ryan and nods]

Dean Cadance: Hello there.

Ryan F-Freeman:

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