This is how Ryan's narration and meeting Mata Nui goes in Ryan's, Thomas' and Crash's Adventures of Bionicle 4: The Legend Reborn.

[The film starts at the Island of Mata Nui]

Ryan F-Freeman:[narrating] It is said that all endings are beginnings waiting to be born. Mata Nui's beginning was much the same.

[A giant robot awakens and rises out of the ocean]

Ryan F-Freeman:[narrating] Mata Nui was a giant robot, ruler of his universe, fearless, beholding to none and the protector of his people until he was betrayed by his envious brother Makuta.

[The robot's eyes turn dark and then red]

[Inside Mata Nui]

Ryan F-Freeman:[narrating] Many of Mata Nui's power was stripped away and his people enslaved and he was left powerless to save them. But a part of him managed to survive, his spirit. Captured and preserved inside a mask worn by a Toa warrior and it's name echoed his rebirth: "The Mask of Life."

[The title: Ryan's, Thomas' and Crash's Adventures of Bionicle 4: The Legend Reborn comes up as the Mask of Life flies through space and lands on a planet called Bara Magna where Ryan, Crash, Thomas and their friends are hanging out]

Matau T. Monkey: What's that?

Thomas: What's what?

Matau T. Monkey: A falling star!

Thomas: That doesn't look like a star.

Ryan F-Freeman: I'll go have a look, Thomas.

Thomas: No. Let me do it.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. I hope that it's a mask. Or something.

[Thomas leaves the others to investigate the mysterious light in the sky]

Thomas: [hears a scuttling noise] Huh?

[A Scarabax called Click scuttles past Thomas]

Ryan F-Freeman: Thomas. Wait up.

Thomas: Ryan? Didn't I tell you to let me investigate by myself?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes. But I want to come with you. Because Makuta refused Sunset's friendship.

Thomas: Fine. But I hope one day, Makuta will accept Sunset's friendship.

Ryan F-Freeman: If he doesn't he must be exterminated.

Thomas: Let's just investigate that mysterious object. [puffs off]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok.[looks at the object] That looks like a mask.

[The object lands with a thud]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa. I fear that Makuta might turn Sunset evil.

Thomas: That mask doesn't look like it belongs to Makuta.

Ryan F-Freeman: It's gold. It must be the Mask of Life.

Thomas: Shhh. [hears the scuttling noise again] Do you hear that?

Ryan F-Freeman: Click.

Thomas: Who?

Ryan F-Freeman:[points to a Skarabax] He's Click.

Thomas: Oh. He's going towards the mask.

Ryan F-Freeman: Click. Call for your buddies and stay here.

[Click does what Ryan told him]

Thomas: I'll stay with him. You go get the others.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, OpThomas Prime.

Thomas: You only call me that when I'm in robot mode.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, Thomas. I'll find a mirror.

[Ryan finds his friends and a mirror. Meanwhile, Thomas and Click watch as the Mask of Life turns the dust into a body for Mata Nui]

Thomas: Wow!

[Mata Nui starts to walk towards Thomas but stops Click from getting stepped on]

Thomas: Careful. You nearly squished a bug.

Mata Nui: Sorry, little one. As you may notice. I am not in study of my feet yet.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. I'm here. Hello, mask wearing robot. I'm Ryan F-Freeman.

Mata Nui: I'm Mata Nui.

Ryan F-Freeman: Nice to meet you, Mata Nui. Too bad Sunset didn't reform Makuta.

Mata Nui: I know. But I have a feeling this bug's trying to tell me something.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, Click. He will not hurt you.

[Suddenly, a giant hand of the Prime-prince reach out to Click]

Thomas: Wait! Do you hear that?

Ryan F-Freeman: Just the wind.[to Click] Is that mask you like, Click?

[Click touches the Mask of Life and he transforms into a shield in Ryan's hand]

Thomas: That's amazing.

[A bone-shaped scorpion comes up and Ryan looks at an eye]

Ryan F-Freeman: Which you can see.. for yourself.

[Ryan turns to see the Vorox coming and summons his Keyblade]

Thomas: Go get it, Ryan!

[Ryan nods and protects Mata Nui from a Vorox and the blade of the Vorox's tail breaks against the Scarabax Shield]

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow!

Matau T. Monkey: You saved Mata Nui, Master Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: Or rather, Click saved me and him.

Crash Bandicoot: You like that, Mata Nui? Ryan called the bug Click.

Mata Nui: I like it. "Click" it is.

[Ryan sigh as the Scarabx shield turns back to Click]

Ryan F-Freeman: Since for a long time Mata Nui didn't need help from anypony or anything.

Thomas: But I saved Click's life, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: He saved mine and Mata Nui's.

Thomas: Good. [lets Click climb onto his servo] Alright. Now run along little Click.

[Click jumps onto Ryan's shoulder]

Thomas: Okay. Okay. Easy little fella. It was just a joke. [Hears a revving noise] Do you hear that?

Ryan F-Freeman: Adagio? Aria? Sonata?

Mata Nui: Who are you talking about, Ryan?

Aria Blaze: He means us.

Evil Ryan: You must be Mata Nui.[coughs] I'm a leader of the band called the Cyberlings.

[Something approaches from the distance]

Ryan F-Freeman:[grabs a Vorox's tail blade] Here, Mata Nui. You can use it as a weapon.

[Mata Nui takes it and they approach the oncoming object]

Metus: State your business!

Ryan F-Freeman: We are just travelers looking for the nearest city.

Metus: [puts his weapon away] Well, I guess you and your friends are in luck. Here on Bara Magna you bound to find ruins of one or another.

Ryan F-Freeman: I don't get it.

Mata Nui: Me too, Ryan.

Metus: That's a joke.

Thomas: Oh.

Ryan F-Freeman: I get it now.[laughs]

[The Dazzlings laugh with him]

Thomas: Anyways.

[Ryan moves his hands to the sides to stop the Dazzlings' laughing]

Thomas: As you were saying?

Metus: Right. Well. To answer your friend's question then nearest village is Volcanus. I got some business here if you want a ride. Unless he want to wind up captured by a pack of Bone Hunters or worse Skrall.

Thomas: Uh, what are those?

Ryan F-Freeman: What are Bone Hunters and Skrall?

Metus: No one you would ever want to meet.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. I'm Ryan. Prime-prince of friendship and the second leader of the Dazzlings. Unlike those Bone Hunters and Skrall, we have been known to sing from time to time.

Sonata Dusk: Hello? We sing, like, all the time. It's how we get people to do what we want.

Thomas: [nudges her]

Evil Anna: What did Sonata say, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: What you meant to say, Sonata, was that Makuta refused Sunset's friendship and wants to have Sunset to go back to being a monster she once was.

Sonata Dusk: Oh yeah. What he said what I meant to say. That's what I meant.... to say.

[Thomas nods]

Bertram T. Monkey: And what Ryan's blue haired friend would've said if she weren't the worst.

Aria Blaze: You probably shouldn't say that.

Bertram T. Monkey: Sorry, Aria. I was just saying that Sonata is the best.

Thomas: You'll have to excuse them.

Metus: Why?

Thomas: They're best friends.

Sonata Dusk: For real-sies.

Metus: Hey. That's a nice gem Ryan's got.

Thomas: I know.

Metus: How did you get this necklace, Ryan.[reaches for Ryan's pendant]

Ryan F-Freeman: I made it. [sees Metus reaching for it] Hey! [grabs Metus' wrist] Don't touch it!

Metus: Why not?

Ryan F-Freeman:[giggles like Adagio] Sorry. This pendant means an awful lot to me. I just hate for anything to happen to it.

Metus: It's ok, Ryan.

Thomas: I'm Thomas also known as OpThomas Prime. The reason Ryan's wearing his pendant is that he's a siren like the Dazzlings.

Twilight Sparkle: I'm Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Cody Fairbrother: Names Cody. Ryan's brother. Plus, my friend is Sunset Shimmer.

Sunset Shimmer: Hi.

Ryan F-Freeman: What's the matter, Sunset? Why Mata Nui's brother Makuta refuse your friendship?

Sunset Shimmer: Well, Ryan, it's just that he want to have me turned into a demon I once was.

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow. I remembered a time where I merged with Makuta into... What was it called again?

Sunset Shimmer: Uh, I think it was Ryankuta.

Matau T. Monkey: Wow! That "Ryankuta" is a Takutanuva version of my master.

[Ryan uses his magic and a flashback starts]

Takanuva: You did well, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yup. I reformed the Dazzlings.... again.

Twilight Sparkle: You are awesome, Ryan.

[Makuta gets up]

Makuta: Well played, Ryan. Now I'll take Sunset from you.

Ryan F-Freeman: Take her?

[Sunset stops and backs up]

Makuta: Her past spares her pain, reformed she suffers.

Ryan F-Freeman: You are not deforming Sunset!

Makuta: My duty's to the Mask of Shadows.

Ryan F-Freeman: Sunset. I'll make sure he don't turn you bad again.[to Makuta] Then, let me have a closer look, BEHIND THAT MASK!

[Ryan does what Takanuva does]

Makuta: NOOO!!

[Ryan removes Makuta's mask and a green light glows. Then Ryan and Makuta fall into a pit of Energized Protodermis]

Thomas: What's gonna happen to them?

Crash Bandicoot: Why Ryan do that to Makuta, Sunset?

[Sunset shrugs]

Matau T. Monkey: I think he saw that part in the Bionicle movie once.

[Sunset noticed a light on the water]

Matau T. Monkey: Looks like that's the start of a transformation.

Cody Fairbrother: Yeah.

Evil Ryan: Mata Nui.

Mata Nui: What?

Evil Ryan: Look.

Sci-Ryan: What?

Matau T. Monkey: Here comes a flash of light, guys.

[A flash of light happens then Ryan in Makuta's body rises from the water]

Matau T. Monkey: Great Scott!

Sci-Ryan: Light and shadow have become one.

[Adagio and Meg Griffin gasps]

Thomas: Ryan? Is that you?

[Sci-Ryan gasps]

Timothy (non-ghost engine version): You ok, Ryan?

[Ryan nods and looks at the Dazzlings]

Sci-Ryan: Well. My brother will be happy when you freed him for me and Mata Nui.

Evil Ryan: I hope he will, Sci-Ryan. Like Ultron said: What doesn't kill you.

Sci-Ryan: Just makes us stronger.

Sonata Dusk: Ryan? Is that you in that form?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes.

Matau T. Monkey: How did you merge with Mata Nui's brother, Master Ryan?

Sunset Shimmer: What happened to Makuta, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Makuta is now a part of me, Sunset. I am Ryankuta. It must be the energized Protodermis.

Jessica Fairbrother: Wow, Grandfather. You're wearing a half of Makuta's Kraahkan.

[Sunset gasps]

Sci-Ryan: What... does the rest of you look like, Ryan?

[Sunset shrugs]

Ryankuta: Sunset Shimmer? You got a mirror?

[Sunset nods and gives him a mirror]

Sunset Shimmer: What happened to Makuta, Ryan?

Ryankuta: I told you, Sunset. He's now a part of me. I hope I can see my face with this mirror.

[Ryankuta looks in a mirror and gasps]

Sci-Ryan: What's wrong, Ryan?

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Glad I'm not in his body when he turned into.. what Ryan is now.

[Cody nods]

Evil Ryan: What happened to you, Ryan?[coughs] What did you see?

Ryan F-Freeman: My face glowed like a light and dark, Evil me.

Matau T. Monkey: What... does your face look like, Master Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Uh, like mine. But with half Makuta's mask.

Alvin: Well, that's great. How would Twivine fight this... I don't know what this Ryankuta is.

[Ryan slaps himself]

Evil Ryan: Look on the bright side, Ryan.[coughs] You got your wings.

[Ryan smiles]

Sci-Ryan: You know what you sense in Twivine's eyes is fear.

[Ryan gasps]

Ryan F-Freeman: It must be Makuta's mask.

[Sunset nods and the flashback ends]

Thomas: Wow, Sunset. I didn't know Ryan can merge with Mata Nui's brother. But we need to stay focused on the script.

Ryan F-Freeman: You're right, Thomas. I don't want to get hurt by Bone Hunters, Skrall or a power-crazed kid.[to Cody] No offence, bro.

Cody Fairbrother: None taken. I'm used to it like Sunset, Ryan.

[Ryan and Sunset smiles]

Thomas: Wow, Cody. I didn't know what you said would do say to the driver but that's fine.

Metus: I kinda agree with you, Thomas.[to Mata Nui] Hey, you got a..

[Ryan grabs Metus's wrist]

Metus: Relax, Ryan. You have got a Scarabax on your back. I'm just trying to know the disgusting thing off.

Ryan F-Freeman: Thank you. But, he like the bug right where he is.

Thomas: It's okay. He's not doing any harm.

[Click climbs onto Thomas and tickles him]

Crash Bandicoot: Too bad Makuta is not here. If he is, then Sci-Ryan's Dalek friend will exterminate him for what he did to his brother's people.

Thomas: We want to help our new friend.

Sci-Ryan: Who? Odette?

Thomas: No. Mata Nui.

Sci-Ryan: Ok. My Keyblade could use some powering up with that mask he's wearing.

Human Rarity: The mask is okay in gold. But it could use a bit of decoration, Mata Nui. Might I suggest gems everywhere?

Rigby (EG): I don't know, Rarity. I think this mask works on things that are or were alive.

[Human Rarity starts to pony-up]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa! Hold it right there. Adagio. I think I like Cody as a member of the Rain... balloons?

Adagio Dazzle: Actually, Ryan. These are the Rainbooms.

Human Rarity: Why of course darling. Why would we not accept some like him into our group?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. Cody is a bit like Sunset. My three siren friends like Cody in this band.

Human Rarity: Helping friends like Mata Nui just fills me with generosity. [ponies-up]

Ryan F-Freeman: I got that too. Plus, I forgave my brother for Sunset's past... Umm.. boo-boos.

[Metus stares at Human Rarity in awe]

Evil Ryan: Are you ok?

Metus: Yeah. I'm fine. Just how did she do that?

12th Doctor: I think you don't want to know. I'm the Doctor.

[Metus nods]

Thomas: How long is it to walk to where you come from?

Sci-Ryan: Yeah.

Evil Ryan: Sounds like this vehicle is useful. This will be a great adventure since the Fall Formal.

Thomas: Ahem. [gestures to Sunset]

Evil Ryan: Oops.

Twilight Sparkle: Ryan and I did survive at the Fall Formal.

[Ryan nods]

Sci-Ryan: Sunset? You know what happened to you at the Fall Formal?

Sunset Shimmer: Yeah. A demon. I turned into a raging she-demon.

Wolfgang (Skylanders): Yeah. And you tried to turn everyone at CHS including the human Rigby into teenage zombies for your and Cody's army.

[Sunset sighs]

Cody Fairbrother: I know how you feel, Sunset. I turned into a demon too. At least I know one thing is: You put your behind in the past.

Ryan F-Freeman: No, no, no. Cody. Lie down before you hurt yourself. [to Sunset] It's you have put the past behind you. Look. Bad things happen and you can't do anything about it. Right?

Sunset Shimmer: Right.

Ryan F-Freeman: Wrong! When Sci-Twi got turned into Midnight Sparkle, you help me turn her back to Sci-Twi as Daydream Shimmer and Dark Ryan F-Freeman.

Sunset Shimmer: That cheered me up. Thanks, Ryan. Guess you really are Princess Celestia's prized pupil with Twilight.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. I get that a lot. The old Sunset was just that bad, wasn't she?

Bertram T. Monkey: Yes, Ryan. Why don't you sing My Past is Not Today to Sunset?

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. A 1. A 2. A 1, 2, 3, 4.

[The song My Past is Not Today starts playing]

Ryan F-Freeman: Power~

Was all you desired~

Sci-Ryan: She desired~

Ryan F-Freeman: But all that grew inside of you~

Was the darkness you acquired~

When you began to fall and you lost the path ahead~

That's where my friendship found you and it lifted you instead~

Like a phoenix burning bright in the sky~

I'll show there's another side to her~

We can't deny~

You may not know what the future holds~

But hear me when I say~

[Ryan uses magic to make a image of Sunset in her she-demon form]

That your past does not defy you~

Cause your past is not today~

[He swings his Keyblade and the she-demon Sunset disappears]


Was all you believed~

Would be the only way to set you free~

[Ryan pulls out his crown and feels the magic coming from him]

But, when it disappeared and you found yourself alone~

That's where we came and got-cha~

And it felt like you was home~

Like a phoenix burning bright in the sky~

I'll show there's another side to her~

We can't deny~

You may not know what the future holds~

But hear me when I say~

[Ryan puts his crown on Sunset's head]

That your past does not defy you~

Ryan F-Freeman and Sunset Shimmer: Cause your (my) past is not today~

[Ryan transforms into his phoenix anthro form and Sunset turns into her she-demon form]

Sci-Ryan: Bravo! Nice singing.

Ryan F-Freeman: Thank you very much. Thank you.

Sci-Ryan: Wow. Sunset's more beautiful in that form, Ryan. Cody turned into a heroic he-demon.

[Metus is in awe]

Ryan F-Freeman: Do you like it?

Metus: [clears throat] Yeah.

Sci-Ryan: Oh my gosh! I love you, Sunset! That form is awesome![kisses Sunset on the cheek and kneels to her] My princess.

Sunset Shimmer: You really don't have to do that.

Sci-Ryan: I know. After you did, I know Ryan forgave you... [puts his hand on Sunset's hand] friend. You are a princess to me and I will be loyal... to you.

Cody Fairbrother: That means he'll be your partner, Sunset.

[Sunset nods and kisses Sci-Ryan]

Thomas: Wow!

Sunset Shimmer: Yeah. Let's just get a move on before any more devastating creatures come.

Sci-Ryan: Ok. [clings onto Sunset] Let's fly!

Metus: Hold on.

[Later, Sci-Ryan and Sunset are flying while Ryan drives his version of Mr. Blobby's car and the others ride on Metus' vehicle]

Sci-Ryan: What happened to this place?

Metus: Who knows? Been like this as far as we're concerned. But all I wanna know is how your white human friend did that.

Ryan F-Freeman: I sang a little song, Metus.

Metus: Not you. [points to Human Rarity] Her.

Sci-Ryan: Who knows why she did that? Makes this team so awesome.

Human Rainbow Dash: You said it. [gasps seeing a rock ahead] Watch out, Metus!

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa!

[Metus drives past a rock]

Sci-Ryan: Well, Sunset. I like flying like you.

[Sunset nods]

Ryan F-Freeman: If you make a guess, Metus. You would say it was evil.

Metus: You read my mind, Ryan. But I was about to say "Earthquake". Maybe "Volcanic eruption" but "Evil" works.

Sci-Ryan: Good to know, Metus. You think if Ryan is a swan, does he fly?

Evil Ryan: I don't know.

Sci-Ryan: Sunset. I think I like you as a she-demon. It's like Tino turns into a demon when he hear bad things about Kamen Guts.

[Sunset nods and kisses Sci-Ryan on the cheek]

Timothy: Wow. My girlfriend is got Sci-Ryan all smitten.

[The others gesture to Sunset]

Timothy: Sorry.

Thomas: It's ok, Tim.

Crash Bandicoot: If Makuta is here, Ryan will have him exterminated.

[Ryan nods]

Sci-Ryan: So that way, he won't try to deform my princess Sunset.

[Sunset takes her hand and feels Sci-Ryan's cheek]

Twilight Sparkle: What's got into him, Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: I think Sci-Ryan thinks Sunset as his princess, Twilight.

Cody Fairbrother: A demon. I turned into a heroic he-demon.

Evil Anna: And did well when Sunset tried to turn the CHS students including Odette's brother into teenage zombies for your and Sunset's army.

Sci-Ryan: That's all in the past for my princess. Makuta's plans to deform her is a mistake and his existence has been a reminder of that mistake.[to Sunset] But I learned something from Morro in the Web of Shadows movie, Sunset. I learned that you can't run away from your mistakes. But you can exterminate them. Mata Nui needs to stop Makuta and free his people.

Sunset Shimmer: Yeah.

Sci-Ryan: We both know that we have magic and Makuta has nothing.

[Suddenly they hear someone saying the letter D over and over again]

Sci-Ryan: Sunset. Did you hear something?

[They look round the corner and see Alphablock D playing on his drums]

Sci-Ryan: Holy Rainbow drummer, Sunset! Is that D?!

Alphablock D: [stops playing] Hello, everyone.

Ryan F-Freeman: Hello, D. I didn't know you're in Bara Magna. The Alpha Gang like me.

Alphablock D: I decided to come here to test my new drums.

Cody Fairbrother: Cool. Odette will be happy when I turn my brother into a swan.

Alphablock D: [sadly] Too bad B isn't here.

Ryan F-Freeman: Why?

Crash Bandicoot: I hope B is ok. Let's hope that B don't get caught by Rothbart, bone hunters or Skrall.

[Ryan nods]

Alphablock D: Rothbart?

Odette: He captured me and Sci-Ryan once.

Sci-Ryan: And put a spell on her.

Alphablock D: What?

Odette: Doh, never mind. But anyway, what did happen to your sister, D?

Sci-Ryan: Yes, D. Tell me and Princess Odette what happened?

Alphablock D: Okay. It was like this. Ahem. B and I were practicing our music with N and A.

Sci-Ryan: I see. Then what happened?

Alphablock D: Then, Skrall and the Great Animal takes B to who-knows-where.

Sci-Ryan: Oh. It's like I saw my friend Odette turn into a swan.

Thomas: Where are N and A anyway?

Evil Ryan: I think they've gone to Tajun. [coughs]

Alphablock D: Tajun?

Metus: It's one of the villages.

Sci-Ryan: Yeah. [to Mata Nui] You're not from around here, are you?

[Mata Nui shakes his head for "No."]

Sci-Ryan: Well, Odette. It's clear my princess Sunset and Ryan can fight when he beaten a Vorox and some Agori can't do that.

Odette: Agori?

Metus: Me. I'm an Agori. Although most aren't as good looking as I am. [laughs] That's another joke.

Ryan F-Freeman: [laughs] Nice one, Metus. But, what you meant to said was that the Agori are villagers trying to survive. Not like the bone hunters.

Thomas: Those pirates take what little these Agori have left.

Alphablock D: Well, if we want to save my sister from the Skrall, we have to team up.

Crash Bandicoot: Yeah. It's just that we got someone who can fly. Maybe Rigby's sister can.

Alphablock D: But first we need to gather the other Alphablocks.

Evil Ryan: Yes. I'll use a spell to make Odette into a swan.

Odette: That's nice of you, Evil Ryan. Ryan will fly with me.

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. Sci-Twi and I will fly as Dark Ryan F-Freeman and his girlfriend, Midnight Sparkle.

Rigby (EG): Ok. [to Sci-Twi] Twilight. Can I have your amulet please?

[Sci-Twi nods and gives Rigby (EG) her amulet]

Rigby (EG): Ok. I'll just point this amulet at you and Ryan and...[opens Sci-Twi's amulet] Here we go.

[Crash and Odette puts on sunglasses as Ryan and Sci-Twi transform into Dark Ryan F-Freeman and Midnight Sparkle]

Alphablock D: Who is that crow-winged boy?

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. Ryan's gone! I am Dark Ryan F-Freeman.

Crash Bandicoot: Sci-Twi? You ok?

Midnight Sparkle: [laughs] You were right. My boyfriend and I didn't understand magic before.

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: But we do now!

Crash Bandicoot: Wow. A for effort.

[Then a vrooming noise is heard]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: What is that noise. Nice glasses you and Odette is wearing, Crash.

[Alphablock V arrives]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: V! What are you doing?

Alphablock V: Heard you needed some help.

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. Maybe if someone is a friend to Puffin, it's Mighty Eagle.

Alphablock V: I just happened to pass by Tajun on my way here. A and N are already there. Follow me.

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: We can. But first, we have to go to Volcanus.

Alphablock V: E and X are there.

Sci-Ryan: Odette. You think you can fly like a... a...

Thomas: Swan?

Sci-Ryan: Yeah. A swan. Thanks for pointing that out, Thomas.

Rigby (EG): How did Airachnid's eyes are glowing orange, purple and blue?

[Evil Anna whispers]

Sci-Ryan: I got it. [to Evil Ryan] Evil Ryan? You got a spell to turn my friend Odette into a swan?

Evil Ryan: Yeah. [coughs] I hope that works on you if I do this.

[Sci-Ryan nods and gulps]

Evil Anna: You'll be ok. [kisses Sci-Ryan]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: I hope he will. That mask has magic too. And I want to understand it all!!

Midnight Sparkle: I will help you with that.

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: Yes you will, Midnight.[kisses Midnight]

[Sci-Ryan gasps and hugs Odette]

Dark Ryan F-Freeman: [laughs] Just kidding!

Sci-Ryan: Oh. Is that another joke?

Metus: I think it was.

Sci-Ryan: I think Dark Ryan is a smitten kitten with Midnight.[to Sunset] If you get my meaning.

Sunset Shimmer: It's okay. I'm used to it.

Sci-Ryan: Yes.[kneels to Sunset] My princess.

[Sunset and Sci-Ryan go to the town of Volcanus with their friends where they find Alphablocks E and X watching a fight]

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