This is how Ryan's narrator and meet the heroes goes in Paw Patrol in the Six Super Heroes Yo-Kai.

Woman: Set dresser to the stage.

Man: Check Lights! Hey, where's that boy with my narrator? 

Ryan is reading a Comic of the Paw Patrol in the six Super Heroes Yokai

Ryan F-Freeman: Singing, Singing, Singing, all day long! When I'm Singing, there is nothing that is wrong, Yokai Heroes, hey! Ooh! 

[He returned to his sit]

Ryan F-Freeman: Do-do-do-do-do-do-do~

Woman: Talent to the sets, please? 

Man: We're live in sixty second. 

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh my. 60 seconds!? 

Woman: Where's the Narrator? 

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey! Mr. Narrator! I think it is time! 

The Narrator just slam him from the Door 

Ryan F-Freeman: Ouch. 

He want to talk to the Narrator 

Ryan F-Freeman: Look. I know that today is the day. Am I right. You know, I did remember some songs from a movie once. 

He bring out his mandolin 

Ryan F-Freeman: Ahem! All for one- 

The Narrator grab the Mandolin 

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey! What the? 

He hit him in the head and throw the mandolin away 

Ryan F-Freeman: But, Narrator guy. You made a deal. 

He saw him heading to the Trap Door will he's looking at the book 

Ryan F-Freeman: Wait! Mr. Narrator! Come back! The stage is... 

He fell to the trapdoor 

Ryan F-Freeman: This way... 


Man: Let's have to be quite, people. 5 seconds to air. Cue Music... And... Action!

Woman: What's that boy doing?

Man: Where's the Narrator? Shh! We're live. Just go with it! Hey, you. don't just sit and act silent. Do Something! You're on camera! For crying out loud, say something!

Ryan F-Freeman: Hello. I'm Ryan.

Man: Tell the Story. 

Ryan look at his favorite Comic book

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. Today I will tell you the story of... Ta da!

He show them 

Ryan F-Freeman: Paw Patrol in 6 Super Heroes Yokai! I think it got nice things including my songs. Kurumi would like this.

He began to read

Ryan F-Freeman: Our story begins... in the gutter. Where we find the Paw Patrol, the Owca Agents, Zoe and her friends found themselves in the Yokai World. And then they met Whisper, Jibanyan, Komasan, Komajiro, USApyon, Fuyunyan, Bushinyan and Robonyan in the Yokai World. 

Then he look at the Page of the Keima 

Ryan F-Freeman: By the Allspark! Keima! Will anyone defend those kids? Anyone, anyone, Anyone!?  

He turn the next pages and they been attack from them and then

Ryan F-Freeman: Well. Anyone? 

The Yokai Heroes are here and they fight the Keima  

Ryan F-Freeman: By Gosh! The Yokai Heroes! Yeah! Take that, Keima! 

It show Marshall, Chase and Rubble look at Apollo 

Ryan F-Freeman: After that battle, Apollo gives Marshall, Chase and Rubble a gift.  

He give a Yokai Medal to them 

Ryan F-Freeman: That's nice, pups. You will summon it soon.

Then The Paw Patrol, OWCA Agent and Zoe and Her friends 

Ryan F-Freeman: From that day forth, our heroes dream of being great Yokai Heroes. 

It show the Page that they work as a detective agency 

Ryan F-Freeman: But, as time fly by, thier dream is as far away as ever. 

And then Ryan is at the Story in the Yokai City

Ryan F-Freeman: You see, folks. Before their dream can come true, our heroes need to learn the Yokai Hero Moto. All for one and one for all. Hey. I think I got a song about this. Cue the Music! 

Then Yokai Heroes appeared 

All for one and one for all has played

Yokai Heroes: 

The Paw Patrol, The OWCA Agent and Zoe and her Friends saw the Yokai Heroes 

Marshall: Look at this. It will be us someday. I know it. 

Rubble: I cannot wait. 

Rocky: Me too. 

Yokai Heroes:

Ryan F-Freeman: All for one! And one for all! 

At the Yokai Detective agency 

Chase is typing the Computer with Perry, Marshall and Sunil is writing down the paper, Zuma, Rubble, Whisper, Komasan, Vinnie, Peter and Komajiro are cleaning the Room, Pinky, USApyon, Rocky and Russel are fixing the Ceiling and the Pipe and Jibanyan is sleeping on the couch

Marshall: Yes sir. Detective today, Yokai Heroes tomorrow. 

Perry: You said it, Marshall.

Then RoboDog came with Marshall's badge 

Marshall: Hey, RoboDog. Wow, you found my badge. Thank you. Say remember when we became friends to all Yokai? They gave us all of their medals, see?

He show him all the Medals that he, Perry, Sunil and their friends befriended all the Yokai 

Marshall: I can't wait to become a Yokai heroes, someday. 

Then he, Chase, Sunil and Perry got hit it the Head from Whisper, Peter, Komasan and Vinnie 

Perry: Ow! Peter, watch it. 

Chase: Careful, Whisper.

Sunil: Vinnie, watch where you're cleaning.

They knocked over the Ink and now it's on the bucket of Water

Whisper: Sorry, guys.

Komasan: Can't wait to be a Yokai Hero neither, zura.

Vinnie: We got lots of ideas for the Yokai Heroes.

Peter: They could use smart heroes like us.

Then they saw the Floor covered in Ink that they did, they tried to clean and it doesn't work

Chase: USApyon, Rocky, Russell, Pinky, how are you guys?

USApyon: You joking?

Pinky: Yokai Hero need someone who is brave.

Marshall: Yes. And they need a Yokai like us that are brave!

USApyon: That's what he said, dani. Brave.

Then a Rumbling just scared Russel, USApyon, Pinky and Rocky and they know that was just a Rumbling pipe from upstairs from upstairs Pete is going to take a bath

Pete: Yes, sir, yes, sir, yes, sireee. I've been looking forward for this all month.

Back to our heroes

Terry is carrying all the sandpaper

Terry: Maybe, we could sand them.

They are wiping the floor, Marshall wasn't looking he use the sandpaper and wiping the file and it look torn

Marshall: What the!? Huh!?

He need to put it back together, but it's still torn, he need to find something to stick in and he saw a Tape on the top of selves, he climbed the pipe and tried to reach

Marshall: Almost...

Then value began to turn and the pipes began to go crazy

Back to Pete

Pete: A-I'm so Adorable. B-I'm so Beautiful.

Then the Water stop

Pete: Huh?

Back to the heroes

Whisper is using a Clean Machine, USApyon, Rocky, Pinky and Russell are trying to hit the pipe with the tools and it got stuck

All: Uh-oh! (Scream)

Marshall is gonna reach the tape

Marshall: Almost... Got it.

Then Whisper knock it over and Marshall save it

Marshall: I got it!

Then he got caught by the Clean Machine

Marshall: Guys, look out!

They got the caught from the Pipe

Back to Pete

Pete need to know what happened to the pipe and floor is started to crumble

Pete: Huh? What? Uh-oh! Whoa! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh...

The heroes saw Pete

Chase: (Gasp) Pete!

They saluted to him

Minutes later

They were at Laundry Room

Pete: Listen, you yardsticks. I am sick and tired of your screw-ups. You guys are hopeless. I leave you for five minutes. And I can back to a disaster!

Zuma: Well, we were practising our teamwork. So we can be the Yokai Heroes.

Pete: Yokai Heroes?

He began to laugh and cough

Pete: Hmm. That's priceless.

Rubble: But we could work really hard. And prove ourselves, Pete. And then would you let us be Yokai Heroes?

Pete: Well, I guess there's 3 wrongs with that. 1!

He made Rocky, USApyon, Pinky and Russell scared

Pete: You're Cowards. 2-

He look at Whisper and RoboDog

Massager woman: We're sorry. The number you reached has been disconnected.

Pete: Ugh. You're dummies.

He look at The Paw Patrol, Sunil, his friends and the OWCA Agents

Pete: And just for you lot. You're just too small and unluckiest. Well, I don't want you Kamen Guts wannabes as Yokai Heroes even if you were the last ones in all of my Yokai world.

He grab the poster of Apollo

Pete: Well. I think you won't be needing this. Kamen Guts is the worst like Appolo.

He roll it and give it to Marshall

Pete: Here, Marshall. Have a ball. [laughs. to himself] Have a ball. Oh. That's a good one.

It make Them sad

To be continued

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