Ryan's New Dazzling Adventure is a new movie.


Ryan wants to adore someone but it has to be someone he knows and is friends with so it's up to Thomas, Crash and their friends to find someone while the Dazzlings have plans.


Ryan's wish

Ryan wishes he could adore someone and it has to be someone he knows and is friends with. But he can't seem to find anyone he would like. Sari and Meg Griffin come to Ryan and ask him if he is okay. Ryan says yes and that he have to think about what he would do if he is a Dazzling. Sari and Meg leave Ryan alone to think.

The Dazzlings capture Twilight

Meanwhile, Crash is with Twilight and the Cyberlings


  • Meg Griffin, Sci-Ryan, Sci-Twi, Sari Sumdac, the Cyberlings, the Doom Raiders, Emmet, Gamer Kid, Coco Bandicoot, Matau T. Monkey (EG), will be Good guest stars in this film.
  • will work for
  • Ryan will find someone to adore in this film.


  • Rainbow Rocks
  • Everything is Awesome
  • Battle of the Bands
  • Awesome as I Wanna Be
  • Better Then Ever
  • Everything is Awesome
  • Under Our Spell
  • Welcome to the Show


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