Ryan's Quest: Birth By Sleep is a story from Kingdom Hearts: Three Stories (Sora's Stories).


This Story take place in 10 Years before Sora's and Ryan F-Freeman's Journeys begin. The Stories is about 8 Heroes, Three Keyblade Wielders and Five Skylanders who they travel many worlds and defeat the Unversed.


List of worlds

  1. Land of Departure
  2. Enchanted Dominion.
  3. Castle of Dream.
  4. Dwarfs Woodland.
  5. Bikini Bottom.
  6. Mushroom Kingdom.
  7. Dreamland.
  8. Radiant Garden.
  9. Disney Town.
  10. Deep Space.
  11. Ratchet and Clank's World.
  12. Olympic Coliseum.
  13. Neverland.
  14. Sonic's World.
  15. Sly Cooper's World.
  16. Destiny Island
  17. Canterlot
  18. Keyblade Graveyard

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