Ryan's Vroomiz Spy Adventure is a new episode. 


Ryan and the gang join the Vroomiz in pretending to be spies for the day and eventually find a mystery to solve when Spunky, Tommy, Ryvine and the villains drop oil slicks all over town.


A trip to the pitstop/The Secret Spy meeting

Ryan and the gang hang out with the Vroomiz: Speeder, Bungee, Farah, Gerry and P.T. in the Vroomiz world. They go to the pitstop to get fitted with some spy gear and then go to Speeder's house to have a meeting and recite the oath. The only problem is that they don't have any mysteries to solve. Speeder tells them to split up and search for mysteries and to report anything suspicious they find to the others via radio. Suddenly, a new mystery appears on the computer screen: A suspicious light on the street.

Discovery of the Oil Slick/Ryan's detective duty

The gang checks out the light but cannot find anything unusual. Crash slips on some oil but got saved by the girl with the blue hair from the Legend of Everfree named Gaia Everfree. The others ask if he is okay and Crash says he's fine. Henry says he's glad no one got hurt. Mike (Total Drama) then sees other vehicles and people getting into an accident with oil still laying around. Mighy Eagle said he'll be a better bodyguard for Sunset but something must have layed that oil on the road and Ryan's pony princess friend, Twilight Sparkle, thinks they have a mystery to solve which Crash says "Yeah" like Scooby-Doo said, which annoys Twilight. The gang splits into groups to cover more ground. Unbeknownst to them, Spunky and Tommy along with Ryvine, Rothbart, Twivine, Rippen


  • The Doctor Who theme song will play in the intro.
  • will work for


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