Ryan's Wonderland Adventure is a new film.


Stephen the old Rocket Engine tells Ryan and his friends the story of Alice in Wonderland. Then, a portal appears, sucks them in and teleports to Wonderland where they find Alice. Alice then asks their help in defeating the evil Red Queen. Along the way, Thomas discovers that he is known as the Blue Prince of Harmony in Wonderland with jewels shaped like the Elements of Harmony in the top of his crown and that he must become that prince by showing all the six Elements and helping others.


Stephen's story

Stephen is working on the Ulfstead Castle with Sci-Ryan, Morro and Sci-Ryan's Dalek friend, Ex-Terminator. Sci-Ryan asks Morro if he ever heard the story of Alice in Wonderland and Morro said no.


  • will work for


  • In a World of My Own (sung by Ryan in Alice's place)


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