Ryan's and Crash's Adventures of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Friendship Games is a movie.


Ryan, Crash, Thomas and thier friends (minus the Mane Six and Twilight) are on vacation in Canterlot Hight for the Friendship Games. Some unexpected guest Sci-Twi shows up, eager to understand the mysterious happenings at CHS. Meanwhile, Dean Cadance was having getting ready when she discovers a label in her shoes.


A new arrival (RaCaoMLPEGFG)

The film begins with

The CHS Pep rally

Sci-Twi's research/Bertram (bad clone)'s idea

In the search lab, Sci-Twi . Just then, a pink skinned woman with , she wears

Dean Cadance's discovery

Meanwhile, Dean Cadance was getting ready when she feel something in her heeled shoe. She lift her leg up then Sci-Ryan ask her something then she


  • Dean Cadance's golden high heeled shoes were made by Canterlot Shoe Co.
  • will work for



  • Unleash the Magic

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