Ryan's and Crash's Adventures of the Princess and the Frog is a new movie.


Ryan, Crash and the gang go to Tiana's hometown to meet her. Then, they find themselves dealing with the Shadow Man Dr. Facilier (whom Ryvine Sparkle and many other villains are working for) and a prince-turned-frog named Naveen.


Arrival in Tianna's hometown

Thomas is watching TV with Cody and his friend Sunset on their way to meet Tianna in her home town. The Golden King looks around as the gang arrive in Tianna's hometown of New Orleans. They hear voices of a woman and two girls coming from the building


  • Evil Sunset, Evil Cody, Evil Trixie, Evil Discord, King Sombra, the Mercolts, the Evil Steam Team, Principle Cinch, Vinnie, the UniSirens, Unicron, Ryvine Sparkle, Bertram T. Monkey (Bad Clone),will work for



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