Ryan's and Crash's Friendship Games is a new movie based on the Friendship Games film.


When the Friendship Games is on it's way, Ryan and the gang find Thomas (his past self) investigating energy coming from Sodor.


A new arrival (RaCFG)

Twilight Sparkle dashes towards Knapford Yard in the middle of the night, having been summoned there by Gordon the Big Engine via emergency COMM link call. But the only "emergency" Gordon has is a faulty T-Cog. To Ryan's relief, Twilight fixes Gordon's T-Cog and as he goes to show off his transforming skills to Peter Sam, Duncan (Thomas and Friends) and Sir Handel, the others join him in the station. Twilight stays behind to write to Thomas, who is away on an important job on Misty Island. As Twilight finishes writing, a green tank engine under a black sheet with eye-holes cut out puffs into the place where the Magic Buffers are, seemingly interested in them. Twilight sees the tank engine and calls out to him. The tank engine puffs off and Twilight gives chase. The tank engine manages to escape and Twilight wonders who it was.



  • Friendship Games


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