Ryan's and Crash's Hero Factory Adventure is a new movie based on the LEGO brand, Hero Factory.


When Ryan, Crash, Thomas and their friends visit the Hero Factory, they must work together to defeat villains and the mysterious Von Nebula. Also, Thomas and his Trainbot friends gain Hero Factory Hero forms and meet the girlfriends of the boy members and the boyfriend of the girl member.


Ryan builds a Hero Factory MOC

Ryan is working on his hero with parts from a Cyberman action figure. Then, he gets a call from someone named Preston Stormer. Stormer tells Ryan about the visit he arranged for them and then is attacked by Rotor, Sci-Ryan's rival the Dalek Emperor and B-Omber, X-Plode's sister. The screen change to Stormer, Jimi Stringer and Duncan Bulk fighting Ryvine, Rothbart, X-Plode, B-Omber, the Dalek Emperor, Rotor, Blades and Twivine. Twivine blasts Stormer with a magic blast from her horn and Ryvine fires his new upgraded arm at Stringer and Bulk. Stormer


  • will work for Von Nebula.
  • This marks the first appearance of



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