This is how Ryan's and Mal's "This Day Aria" and the imposter princess goes in Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meets the Swan Princess.

[While "Ryan" and "Odette" walk to Uberta's castle, the song This Day Aria plays in the background]

2nd Ryan F-Freeman: This day is going to be perfect~

The kind of day of which I dream since I was small~

Everyone will gather round~

Say there's new kids in town~

What they don't know is that we have fooled them all~

[To Ryan and Odette flying]

Ryan F-Freeman: This day was going to be perfect~

The kind of day Odette dream since she was small~

Flain: But instead of having cake~

Crash Bandicoot: With Derek to celebrate~

Ryan and Odette: Her (my) wedding bells may never ring for her (me) at all~

2nd Ryan F-Freeman: I could care less about distress~

Pac-Man could come here for the cake~

Flash Fire: Vows? Well, they'll be lying when he say~

2nd Ryan F-Freeman: That through any type of weather~

We want us to be together~

The truth is I don't care for Flain at all~

No, we do not love the groom~

In my heart, there is no room~

Bridget (as Odette): But I still want him to be all mine!~

Ryan F-Freeman: Must stop Meg and the vow~

Odette: For Ryan to save the day~

Red (Angry Birds): Hope? We'll be fine when we say~

Ryan F-Freeman: That I fear I might lose her~

12th Doctor: To Mal who want to use her~

Sonata Dusk: Not care for, love and cherish her each day~

Aria Blaze and Bertram T. Monkey: Oh, we do so love the groom~

Of our love, they does consume~

Ryan and Odette: Oh, Meg and Derek~

We'll be there very soon~

[Ryan flies through a door while Odette flies for the windows. In the castle, Dr. Cortex smiles at Mal and "Odette"]

Dr. Neo Cortex: Finally, the moment has arrived~

2nd Ryan F-Freeman: For me, to make a vow tonight~

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh, Meg Griffin, we won't make~

12th Doctor: She'll make a vow to a fake~

Rigby (EG) and Rigby: And Odette's world will be...~

Rothbart, Ryvine and 2nd Ryan F-Freeman: Ours. All ours. [laughs evilly]

[In the ballroom, Meg is waiting for Ryan]

Emmet: Is Ryan coming, Meg?

Meg Griffin:

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