Ryan's and Mal's Mixle Mirror Magic is the third special.


In this special, Mal returns to Planet Mixle when his magic journal runs out of pages, and he brings Ryan and the Medivals back with him to the human world. Meanwhile, a bitter Camsta finds a mirror enchanted with Mixle Power.


Mirror, mirror

The special begins at the Canterlot Mall, where Camsta now works as a movie theater usher after the events of Mixel Movie Mayhem. He still bears resentment toward the 27 EG Mixels and Mal for causing him to get fired at the film studio, made worse when he sees their music video being played on all the television monitors and their pictures on the premiere poster for the Indiana Jones film. Camsta's Boss, Carrock, contacts him on his walkie-talkie and tells him to get back to work, but he fakes bad reception to ignore him.

At a mall sunglasses kiosk, Camsta tries on some sunglasses while lamenting his situation. Just then, a wisp of

Out of Pages/Ryan helps out

Meanwhile, Ryan is looking around with Meg until he bumps into a boy that looks like Mike with his hair over one eye

Mal and Ryan meets the Medivals

In Planet Mixle,

Dragged into limbo (RaMMMM)

Meanwhile, Camsta conducts some more experiments with his mirror, trying to make it do magic again, but, nothing happens. Suddenly, the EG Mixels appear before him. One of the



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