This is how Ryan's and Sonic's encounter with Dark King and Dark Queen goes in Ryan and the Black Knight.

[Sonic and Ryan arrive in the throne room]

Ryan F-Freeman: Merlina! Evil me...

Dark Queen: I've been expecting you.

Dark King: And so have I, Ryan.

Sonic: Just one question before we settle this. Why'd you and Evil Ryan do it?

Ryan F-Freeman: Weren't we trying to save this kingdom from the Underworld?

Dark Queen: This kingdom will fail one way or another. Such as it's fate.

Ryan and Sonic: Huh?

Dark King: Do you and Sonic know what is to become of this kingdom, Ryan?

Sonic: Beats me.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah.

[Dark Queen approaches Ryan]

Dark Queen: Lancelot and Gawain's rift shall doom the Round Table.

Dark King: Arthur was killed by his son Mordred, and departs for Avalon.

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa.

Dark King: This was to be our ideal world. But, it will not last.

Dark Queen: King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table will end in ruin.

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh my...

Dark King: The King Arthur my mentor and my queen's grandfather Merlin created led to nothing but mistakes.

Dark Queen: But, my king and I can succeed with the power of the scabbard.

Dark King: Creating a kingdom that never ends.

[the Dark Queen used her magic and a flower appears in her hands. Ryan saw a flashback where Evil Ryan and Merlina looking at some flowers. In reality, Ryan gasps]

Sonic: What good is a world that goes on forever!?

Ryan F-Freeman: And how did you consider Merlina as your queen, Evil me?!

Dark Queen: My and your friend's sorrows at it's ruin runs deeper then the deaths of the underworld.

Dark King: Because, Ryan. I think she needs me to rule by her side for your mentor, Primus the creator.

Dark Queen: Do you not understand?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes. I understand what you mean.

Dark King: You think so? After you give me the scabbard to my Queen?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes. If light and darkness are eternal. Then, I think Gwen's and Duncan's love must be the same... Eternal!

Dark King: You are right. I didn't understand eternal before. But, I do now.

Sonic: Ryan does! And I don't want to!

[Sonic attacks Dark Queen, But Dark King blocks the attack with a force field]

Dark Queen: Your efforts are futile.

Ryan F-Freeman: Evil me! You can't do this!

Dark King: Why not? There's a Kingdom here and it needs to be immortal!


Sonic: No way.

Ryan F-Freeman: But, you're destroying this kingdom to create it!

Dark King:

[Dark Queen summons her projection and Dark King summons the X-Blade and attacks Sonic. Ryan and Caliburn blocks his attack]

Ryan and Caliburn: Sonic!

Sonic: Ryan! Caliburn!

Ryan F-Freeman: You idiot! A knight must always be on his guard!


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