Ryan's and Thomas' Watchcar Adventure is a new movie.


When Ryan watches a show that Sci-Ryan and his Dalek friend are watching, he and his friends decide to help Blue-Wheel and his friends and stop the villains.


Ryan watches WatchCar

Ryan walks into the room where Sci-Ryan and his Dalek friend are watching the television. On the screen, there's a show called Power Battle WatchCar and the protagonist of the show, Blue-Wheel, a small blue and white car with eyes and a mouth, is going to fight the show's antagonist, Blodge, a small black and white car also with eyes and a mouth. The two cars begin to fight in a battle with Blodge claiming that he will win and then just then Blue-Wheel fires at him and explains that even though he can be the fighter, he can be the loser. After Blodge


  • will work for



  • Battle of the Bands
  • Welcome to the Show

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