This is how Ryan's encounter with Lancelot/Reuniting with Twilight Sparkle goes in Ryan and the Black Knight.

[Ryan and the gang saw Shadow]

Lancelot: I've finally found you, apprentice knight and friends, enemies of my King!

Ryan F-Freeman: Wait... It can't be...

Sonic: Shadow?

Ryan F-Freeman: Lancelot?

Lancelot: I am Lancelot, Knight of the Round Table. [pulls out his sword, Arondight] I challenge you to a dual!

Crash Bandicoot: Some things never change, do they?

Caliburn: What do you mean by that?

Crash Bandicoot: Uh, I think it means... LET'S GET OUTTA HERE!

Evil Ryan: Crash! A knight never flees a foe!

Caliburn: Your friend is correct, bandicoot!

Crash Bandicoot: I suppose you have a point.

Lancelot: What shall it be? Will you abandon your weapons and flee?

Sonic: Sounds good to me.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. I agree.

Caliburn: Fool! A knight never flees a foe!

Lancelot: May I have your name, apprentice knights?

Caliburn: He is Knave the Hedgehog and his techno-organic friend, Ryan F-Knaveman, and they accepts your challenge.

Ryan F-Freeman: What?!

Sonic: Okay.

Lancelot: Very well, then! Brace yourself, Knave the Hedgehog and Ryan F-Knaveman!

Ryan F-Freeman: I'd say that's Prime. [summons his Keyblade and activates his cross-guard Lightsaber] Let's do this!

[The fight starts as the song ACADECA starts playing]

Ryan F-Freeman and Sonic: Ho! We're gonna take you down!~

Matau and the Skylanders: Ho! They're gonna take you down!~

Ho! They're gonna take you down!~

Down, down, down~

Lancelot: Ho-ah! I'm here to take you out!~

Ho-ah! I'm here to take you out!~

Ho-ah! I'm here to take you out!~

Take you out~

Ryan F-Freeman and Sonic: We're not about to let you win so get out of our way~

The Cyberlings and the Dazzlings: Think you got them beat but they're here to stay~

Emmet: United strong, yeah, they'll take you down~

Sci-Ryan: Not so tough now that you're in their town~

Crash Bandicoot: All of the times they've lost before~

Mike and the 12th Doctor: Not about to give up, they're only bringing in more~

Wyldstle: They can smell your fear, they can see your sweat~

Ryan F-Freeman: Hope you didn't spend money, cause you're losing this bet~

Matau and the Skylanders: You've got nothing on them, na, na, na, na, na, na~

Batman (The LEGO Movie): Let's go, Ryan and Sonic!

Matau T. Monkey: Huh? Why you say that, Batman?

Batman (The LEGO Movie): Well, duh, it's part of the song.

Matau T. Monkey: Yeah. I guess that counts.

Matau and the Skylanders: You've got nothing on them, na, na, na, na, na, na~

Sci-Ryan and Odette: Let's go, Ryan and Sonic!

Lancelot: Talk a little too much for knights that always win~

Maybe you should stop before you even begin~

I am Lancelot and I have a reputation~

Every little minuet is about my education~

Put your ear to the ground, listen to that sound~

You're like a house of cards~

And it's about to fall down (fall down)~

Fall down~

About to fall down (fall down)~

Hit the ground~

You've got nothing on me, na, na, na, na, na, na~

Let's go, Lancelot!~

You've got nothing on me, na, na, na, na, na, na~

Let's go, Lancelot!~

Crash Bandicoot: Pressure's on, you know they're gonna beat you~

Ryan and Odette: Step aside, it's time that we (they) defeat you~

Emmet: Lancelot, prepare yourself, cause you're about to go...~

Wyldstyle: Down, down, down, down~

Lancelot: Pressure's on, you know I'm gonna take you~

Step aside now before I have to break you~

Ryan and Knave, you're about to go~

Down, down, down, down~

12th Doctor and Princess Ivy: Take it up to the top~

Sci-Ryan: Cause they know they can win~

Lancelot: Maybe you should just stop~

Cause I've seem you give in~

Odette: They believe in themselves~

And they've got what it takes~

Ryan and Meg: And we're (they're) not gonna stop!~

Sci-Rianna: We cannot wait till this is all over~

Sunset Shimmer: There's so much more that's going on~

Evil Ryan and Odette: And when this battle is finally over~

We'll find out just what he's done~

Matau T. Monkey:


Evil Ryan:

Evil Anna:


Batman (The LEGO Movie):

Sir Daniel Fortesque:

Wreck-It Ralph:


Emmet: How did they did it?~

[Ryan and Sonic wins]

Sci-Ryan: Correct!

Lancelot: You won. You can tell me.

Ryan F-Freeman: Lancelot? Have you seen a pony with a horn and wings who goes by the name of Twilight Sparkle?

Lancelot: Yes. Follow me.

Caliburn: Who is Twilight, Crash and Ryan F-Knaveman?

Crash Bandicoot: His name is Ryan F-"FREE"man. But, Twilight is the girlfriend of OpThomas Prime.