This is how Ryan's nightmare/Gwen and Sci-Twi comforts Ryan/"The Black Ryan in Me" goes in Episode 17 of Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Total Drama: Island.

[That night, Ryan tosses and turns]

Ryan F-Freeman: [grunts]

[in Ryan's dream, Ryan sits near a fire pit]

Ryan F-Freeman: [hums a tune as he roast a marshmallow]

Black Ryan Max: [voice] Here I am.

Ryan F-Freeman: Huh? Who said that? Flain?

Black Ryan Max: [voice] Over here.

Ryan F-Freeman: Hmm. If it's a hide and seek game. [looks at a rock] Here?

Black Ryan Max: [voice] No. Over here....

Ryan F-Freeman: [looks at a tree] Here?

Black Ryan Max: [voice] Over here....

Ryan F-Freeman: [looks at the fire pit] Here?

[Black Ryan Max jumps out as the flames turn red]

Black Ryan Max: I'M ALWAYS HERE!!!

[in reality]

Ryan F-Freeman: [jolts awake] NOOO!!!![hugs a Sora doll]

[Sci-Twi and Gwen spring up doing karate moves]

Sci-Twi: [mumbles] Is Xehanort back?

Gwen: [mumbles] What happened?

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh, nothing. Sorry, girls.

Bertram T. Monkey: [asleep] You think Terra is ok, Master Xehanort?

Gwen: Uh, Ryan. I think something happened.

Ryan F-Freeman: What do you mea...[notice his bed is floating with Bertram] AAAHHHH!!!!!

Bertram T. Monkey: [wakes up] Huh? Wha?

Ryan F-Freeman: [when the bed falls to the floor] Whoa!

Bertram T. Monkey: Is everything okay, Ryan? I heard you scream.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah.

Sci-Twi: Ryan? I think we need to talk about this.

Ryan F-Freeman: No. I don't.

Bertram T. Monkey: Yeah, guys, give him some space.

[Later, Katie is on a boat]

Sadie: [blows]

Ryan F-Freeman: Okay.

Evil Ryan: Easy, Ryan. You won't suffer the same fate as Sci-Twi. Gaia Everfree is a part of Gloriosa.

Emmet: Guess you could keep someone in you from taking over.

Madam Magianort: Who is Gaia Everfree?

[Ryan holds up a picture he took]

Jessie F-Fiona: Wow. If Ryan Everfree comes to this place, I'll use my geodes to turn into Rivine Everfree.

[Before Ryan can say something, they heard a "CRASH!!!"]

Crash Bandicoot:


Ryan F-Freeman: What happened?

Sadie: Me and Kaite are waiting for the wind then we were going fast and crashed on the dock.

Collide Bandicoot: Yikes! You don't think it was the spirit, did you?

Ryan F-Freeman: [to himself] No. It's was me.

[Ryan runs off with Iago flying after him]

Mattis T. Monkey: We need to get that fixed.

Sir Daniel Fortesque (EG): This place needs a runway.

Jessie Primefan: Dock, Dan.

[Meanwhile, Ryan saw Iago]

Ryan F-Freeman:



Ryan F-Freeman: It used to be so simple~

It was a world I understood~

I didn't know what I didn't know~

And life seemed pretty good~

[in the reflection of the water, Black Ryan's wings appear on Ryan's back]

But now the darkness rises~

From somewhere deep inside of me~

His power overtakes me~

Can I keep this Midnight from getting free~

If I could stay with the light~

I know I'll be free~

And I can start to be whole~

I can start to be me~

But, instead I am struggling~

With all that I see~

And these friends~

Mustn't see~

[In the reflection of the water, Black Ryan Max is with Iago]

The Black Ryan in me~

The Black Ryan in me~

No, they mustn't see the Black Ryan in....~


[Ryan starts to cry, knowing that Black Ryan Max might return to be a part of him]

Iago: Ryan? What is the matter?

Ryan F-Freeman:

Iago: Oh. It's ok. Don't cry. Remember last time you help Sci-Twi? [opens Ryan's communicator and play a video]

Ryan F-Freeman: [in video] I feel your pain and I think... I like you. And I will help you control your magic. It is my vow. Trust me.

Sci-Twi: [in Video]

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