This is how Ryan's plan and The Symbiote bonds with Ryan goes in Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meet Spider-Man 3.

[We see Ryan with a contanier with the Symbiote inside]

Twilight Sparkle: Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes, Twilight?

Twilight Sparkle: Nighlock told me that Venom has Mary Jane hostage and wants Spider-Man. What are we going to do?

Ryan F-Freeman: I hope you can help Spider-Man. I got an idea. When Venom has got Spider-Man and Make some noises. Remember the bell?

Twilight Sparkle: Yes. And what will you do?

Ryan F-Freeman: If the Symbiote bonds with someone like you and Peter, maybe it should do the same for me. You know, I could fight fire with fire. Here we go. I hope it gives me Spider-Man's powers. [opens the container]

[The Symbiote latches onto Ryan's hand and starts to cover his body in black]

Ryan F-Freeman: [laughs] It tickles!

[The Symbiote continues to cover Ryan then Ryan is wearing the black suit with Venom's spider logo on the chest and his mask looks like Spider-Man's with a mouth]

Twilight Sparkle: Wow. Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: You like it, Twilight? The suit gives me Spider-Man's powers. I know Vemon was taken so call me... Ryenom.

[Twilight nods and Ryenom shoots a web at a building]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ready to save Spider-Man?

Twilight Sparkle: Yes, Ryan.

[Twilight flies with Ryan swinging from one building to another]

Ryan F-Freeman: The suit is so cool. I feel stronger, faster, and agile.

[Ryan sticks to a building and Twilight hovers]

[Ryan sees a building]

Ryan F-Freeman: Twilight?

[She spots a news screen on a building]

[Ryan sees Mary Jane in a Taxi on screen and a message saying "We want you, Spider-Man!"]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh no. Eddie and Sandman want Spider-Man. We need to save the spider, Twilight. And Mary.

Twilight Sparkle: Sure thing. We hope our friends can help.

Ryan F-Freeman: I hope we can do the same. [his mask covers his face as Ryenom] And New York will have a hero named Ryenom.

Twilight Sparkle: Cool name, Ryan. What powers do you have?

Ryan F-Freeman: Both Venom's and Spider-Man's.

[Twilight kisses Ryenom then flies to the construction site]

Ryan F-Freeman: Here I come, Spider. [web swings after Twilight] I will help you.

[Meanwhile at the lab, Thomas and Evil Ryan find Ryan's research on the Symbiote]

Evil Ryan: So that is what Ryan did. He researched this thing right after Dr. Connors analyzed it.

Thomas: And did Ryan know this thing?

Evil Ryan: Yes. I think it bonds to someone. I think he recorded a video. [plays the video]

[The video plays]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. I know if you know about Spider-Man is acting strange but I know what caused it. The black thing that I researched is a Symbiote. It bonds to a host to servive. I recovered a bit of it after the Bell of the Cherch and Peter reject it, I noticed Eddie is bonded with it and I dubbed him after a poison of a snake: Venom. So, in order for me to fight him, I had to allow it to bond with me. If you see Twilight, tell her I love her. See ya.

[The video ends]

Evil Ryan: Connors was right. When it bonds with Ryan, it would be hard to unbind.

Thomas: You mean it can stay bonded with Ryan?

Evil Ryan: Yeah. Pretty much.

Thomas: [mimics Iago's voice] Forever?

[Evil Ryan shrugs and spots some notes Ryan wrote]

Evil Ryan: Some notes. Loud noise is the weakness of the Symbiote. [calls Ryan on his communicator]


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