This is how Ryan's search for Tino/Ryan meets Kurumi Tokisaki goes in The Midnight Chronicles.

Ryan F-Freeman: I got to get to Tino fast. Before Midnight finds him and possess him again.

(then out of nowhere, Kurumi appears to his face upside down)

Kurumi: Hello there.

Ryan F-Freeman: Dah!

Kurumi: Oh sorry, did I scare you?

Ryan F-Freeman: A little and it's ok. Who are you?

Kurumi: My name is Kurumi Tokisaki. What's your name, handsome?

Ryan F-Freeman: Ryan F-Freeman. How did you see me upside down, Kurumi?

Kurumi: I was in a tree the whole time when you started going toward my direction so I decide to do the element of surprise.

Ryan F-Freeman: Cool. I think you are cute. A cutest girl I ever saw.

[Kurumi jumps off a tree and lands on the ground with her feet]

Kurumi: Aww. You do love a spirit like me.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. [blushes] I guess I do like you. Tino might be here somewhere.

Kurumi: Yes. I hope you think you are nice. Now, pat my head in a manner of approval.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok. [pats Kurumi's head]

Kurumi: (Laughs)

Ryan F-Freeman: So. You got powers?

Kurumi: Sure do.

Ryan F-Freeman: I was wondering if you want to help me find Tino. If you do, we could go on a date.

Kurumi: Yes, Ryan.

[Ryan got hugged by Kurumi]

Kurumi: I am happy to help you out, my dear Ryan. [kisses Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: Aww. [notice the clock in Kurumi's left eye] Your eye is a clock?

Kurumi: Well, you can call it my life span.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yeah. Maybe I can call it your time.

Kurumi: Right, Ryan. My Angle has such a wonderful power. But, unfortunately, it does have a nasty habit of eating up my time whenever I use it. So, I have to replenish it with other peoples time every once in a while.

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow.

Kurumi: So. You think I can kiss you when Tino is free?

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes. You think you could get us to Tino. And fast?

Kurumi: Sure.

[She pulls out her flintlock gun and points it at her head]

Kurumi: Zafkial. Aleph.

Ryan F-Freeman: Don't worry, Tino. I'm coming. I hope.


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