Ryan, Thomas, Crash and Penn Zero: Part-Time Heroes is a new series.


Ryan, Thomas, Crash and the gang join Penn Zero, Sashi and Boone in their quest to save a number of universes from part-time villain Rippen and his part-time minion Larry.


  1. North Pole Down: Penn doesn't want to celebrate Christmas because his parents won't be there. However, he is sent to the North Pole to fill in for Santa Claus to save Christmas, during this, Thomas helps Penn learn that even though his parents aren't around, he still has his friends to celebrate the holiday with.
  2. Chicken or Fish?: Penn, Boone, Sashi and the gang are zapped into an underwater world to save a society of fish people, but their mission gets complicated when Penn finds out that Boone is afraid of water.
  3. The Old Old West: When Penn, his team and the gang are zapped into an old west cowboy world where the cowboys ride dinosaurs, the town sheriff joins them on their mission to prove he still has what it takes.
  4. Babypocalypse: Penn, Boone, Sashi and the gang are zapped into a world of living stuffed-animals to save the town's mayor from giant babies.
  5. That Purple Girl: Penn and Boone's friendship is put to the test when they both fall for a beautiful alien princess that they and the gang must escort though the jungle back to her tribe.
  6. I'm Super!: When Penn, Boone, Sashi and the gang are zapped into a world where everyone has superpowers, Penn learns that you don't have to have superpowers to be a hero.


  • will be good guest stars
  • Ryvine, Rothbart, Starscream, Twivine, Nightmare Moon, Hunter, Soundwave and Airachnid will work for Rippen and Larry.


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