This is how Ryan, the gang and the campers arrive at a movie studio goes in episode 1 of Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Total Drama: Action.

Ryan F-Freeman: Hey, Odette? You remember what we did in Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meet the Swan Princess?

Odette: Yes, Ryan. You and I found Meg and Derek and broke the spell.

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. Yes. We did have some time together at Swan Lake. Black Ryan Max is now a part of me and Camp Wawanakwa are safe.

Odette: Yeah. And I got Sunset's powers.

[Ryan nods then Sci-Ryan arrives]

Sci-Ryan: Hey, Ryan and Odette! I got some great news.

Ryan F-Freeman: What news? Some Decepticons up to their tricks? Or did my son Brian the Crocodile ate the sheep again?

Sci-Ryan: No. But, Kuryan found something on TV. Come and see!

Rianna F-Fiona:

[Ryan puts his hand on Rianna's hand and his eyes turn white]

[Flashback to a scene where Rianna is a kid and she stands on aplatform that resembles the NEXO Knights world]

Rianna F-Fiona: Hey. Can you hear me?

Meguts: I heard your voice. It cut through the darkness around me.

[Rianna gazes at it, smiling, and reaches to catch it]

Megtus: All alone, I followed the sound into a sea of light, and found myself here, with you.

[Rianna nods, the heart floating above her hands]

Megtus: You gave me something back when I needed it most. A second chance.

Rianna F-Fiona: Yeah. You got that right.

Megtus: I have to go back to sleep again.

Rianna F-Fiona: Oh no.

Megtus: Would you mind if I stayed here, with you?

Rianna F-Fiona (smiling): Yes. You can stay with me.

Megtus: Thank you.

[Megtus' heart floats into Rianna's chest and she closes her eyes. Rianna takes a deep breath. In reality, Ryan's eyes turn back to normal]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa.

[They arrive at the control room]

Ryan Tokisaki: Hey, guys. I found this show and I was wondering if you can compete with me? Mike is also competing this season.

Rianna F-Fiona: Mike?

Ryan Tokisaki: Yeah. So is that girl who appeared on Movie Magic. Ryan can help her fulfil her dream as her being Daring Do. And I can beat Megatron again. [does some karate moves like the Missing Link and smashes Ratchet's microscope] Ow!

Ratchet: Kuryan! I needed that!

Ryan F-Freeman: I got it. [uses his magic to fix Ratchet's microscope]

Bumblebee: Wow. Nice one, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: Thanks, Bee. [looks at the camera] The episodes of Total Drama are preformed by ANIMATED teens and cartoon characters. Do not do whatever you see at home. Seriously. You could get really messed up.


Ryan F-Freeman: Close your eyes~

Sonata Dusk: And open your heart~

Aria Blaze: Believe in yourself~

Spikewave: That's how it starts~

Meg Griffin: Dreams will come true~

Just wait and see~

Emmet: Cause the magic's in you~

Tina Fenton: And the magic's in me~

Ryan and the Dazzlings: We are the Winx~

We are the Winx~

Come join the club~

We are the Winx~

We are the Winx, we are the Winx~

Emmet: Come join the club.

Collide Bandicoot: We are the Winx~


Cody Fairbrother: Magical flowers~

Bertram T. Monkey: Digital powers~

Jazz: Rhythms and tunes~

Princess Celestia: The sun...~

Princess Luna: And the Moon~

Evil Ryan: Dark Energon, Friendship and Keyblades of types~

Crash Bandicoot: And the fire burning deep inside~

The Mad Doctor: We got the style~


Matau T. Monkey: And we got the flair~

Garfiled: Look all you want~

Ryan and Odette: Just don't touch the hair~


Matau and the Skylanders: We are the Winx, we are the Winx~

Come join the club~

We are the Winx~

We are the Winx, we are the Winx~

Optimus Primal: Come join the club.

The gang: We are the Winx~


Ryan F-Freeman: Wow. A movie studio. I love to do some acting.

Sonata Dusk: Me too! [squees]

Ryanosa Daisy: Hello, guys!

Gloriosa Daisy: Ryanosa?

Ryanosa Daisy:

Bertram T. Monkey: Sunset, you know I will compete to win my spot as your bodyguard.

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