Ryan "Whisp" Grant is the shadow genie


Ryan "Whisp" Grant is a shadow of Cogi brought to life by a wish by one of the finders of Cogi's lantern. He and Cogi were like brothers but Ryan wanted to be more then just a mere shadow. He wanted to be a genie too. He grew jealous of Cogi's power and realised he was not bound to the rules of the lantern. Ryan start to whisper ideas to the ears of the finders, convincing them to use their wishes for his own needs. Learning about this, two of the 13 Original Primes, Alchemist Prime and Solus Prime, with the help of the Brothers Grimm, they created a magic mirror to protect the finders from Ryan (or Whisp). During an eclipse, Cogi was compelled to break the rules and use the mirror to stop Ryan. The mirror broke into 13 pieces and Ryan's spell over the finder was broken. When the finder made the final wish, Cogi and Ryan were pulled back into the lantern. Defeated, Ryan retreated deeper into the shadows, hiding the 13 shards, he bides his time for his return to power.


Ryan looks like Cogi's shadow self with



  • Cogi. My brother.
  • You have something of mine.
  • The finder of the lantern has one wish left and he will wish the Shadow Genie prince all-POWERFUL!
  • Too late, brother. His thoughts are mine! So is his wish!
  • The eclipse makes me REAL!! And then, the wish will make it last forEVER!
  • Hurry! Wish all power to the Shadow Genie Prince!
  • No! All the power...
  • What!? No!
  • No! It cannot be! Going back in the lantern! [screams and gets sucked into the lantern]
  • Perfect. An eclipse in one day. When the moon covers the sun, the shadows will rule all.
  • Prehaps, the Con leader should learn... What is like.
  • Maybe it is time you make Sally and Magianort.... Disappear.
  • Summon him.
  • Do it.
  • Now, you are in my playground. [laughs]
  • In. The. Flesh and metal. Well, sort of. You see, Autobots. Out here, I am merely an unnoticed shadow. But, inside the lantern, like Whisp, I am all.... POWERFUL! And soon, like Pharaoh with her love, everything you got... Will be mine!
  • Want to save your friends and help Ladyan and Ladybug? Good luck. [whispers] The shadow eclipse is coming.
  • Your time is running out.
  • Or else, What? You don't have all the pieces. You and your friends are powerless against me!
  • Too late.
  • Soon, I will rule Paris and the worlds beyond it. [to Cruz] Make the wish! Quickly! All power!

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