Ryan Everfree is the Gaia Everfree version of Ryanosa Daisy.




  • Why are you and Gaia Everfree fighting me!? I'm doing this to save our camp and this season of Total Drama! [to Gaia] I'm doing this for you, sister!
  • [calmly] To the spa.... [enraged] TO THE SPA!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?
  • Greetings, Hallo-weenies. [giggles] I just said weenies. [clears throat] I just said weenies. Tonight's story is a tale so scary. So horrifying! So shocking! So.. So.. So.. So full of vegetables!
  • Ok. It all started with a spooky space ship, mutant pumpkins, a siren named Thunderblast then Heroes and Monsters saving the day. But, that is just the beginning.
  • So, sit back and get ready for a story that is guaranteed to give you nightmares and hope Bertram is Sunset's bodyguard. MWA-HAHAHAHA!!!! MOO-HAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!
  • [after Ryan tells him to wrap it up] Moo-ha-ha.

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