Ryan F-Freeman (Opposite) a.k.a Evil Ryan is an evil clone version of the good Ryan F-Freeman who make his first guest starring appearance in Ryan F-Freeman's Adventures of Transformers: Prime.


During the cleansing the Jinsei, the dark part of Ryan is ripped out of him. After being born, Evil Ryan is recruited by Bertram T. Monkey to be his friend. He has a pendant made from an orange gem from Crash's world. It is later revealed that he is an Equestrian Siren. He is the leader of a band called The Cyberlings. Airachnid, a female Decepticon, is currently under their spell. When Megatron brings Dark Energon to Earth, Evil Ryan is happy to work for the Decepticons. When they test it Megatron and himself are strengthened by it's power and decided to raise an army of Terrorcons. Evil Ryan met Ryan when the cyborg was in the Lost Valley with Thomas, Ratchet and Optimus. Evil Ryan summons a Keyblade. Megatron hurls the Dark Energon through the ground while Evil Ryan fights Ryan and orders the Dazzlings to sing to Ryan. But they realize their singing controls the Terrorcons instead. But when Ryan uses the Force and crush his chest he starts coughing like General Grievous. The Terrorcons advance while Evil Ryan retreats and Thomas beats the Terrorcons. Almost, in need of help, Evil Ryan shouts Twivine's name. Twivine came to his aid and uses the Plundervines to restore Evil Ryan's lungs. Later, Thomas found that he was a Prime that was presumed dead years after Cybertron's destruction. Thomas went to

Abilities and Skills

Evil Ryan is an extremely powerful and deadly fighter, with skills like Grievous has. He can wield his Keyblade or his Lightsabers. He can also use magic. Evil Ryan can split his arms in two, giving him four arms to fight with and can spin his torso, arms, and wrists in deadly, blindingly fast storms of death. He can also blind in by transforming into things like a guitar or other things. Sunset (Opposite) can teach Evil Ryan to use force powers and Jedi combat. He can sing like the Dazzlings do with his pendant. Evil Ryan can use blasters for range attacks. Like Ryan, Evil Ryan can absorb the powers of characters like Kurumi Tokisaki so he can use their abilities.

Rivalry with Fracture and Sofia the Worst

Friendship with Lapis Lazuli

Friendship with Eris


Evil Ryan looks



Evil Ryan in his EG form

Evil Ryan in his EG form

Evil Ryan in antro-siren form

Evil Ryan in his antro-pony form with siren wings

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Evil Ryan in his crystal anthro form

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