This is how Ryan F-Freeman vs. Megatronus Prime goes in My Little Pony: Megatronus' Revenge.

Megatronus Prime: Ryan F-Freeman. You dare challenge me?! I am a Prime!

Ryan F-Freeman: You gave up that name when you exterminated Solus Prime.

Megatronus Prime: Don't you bring up her name! She was the only one I cared about and it's all your fault fake Prime!

Odette: C'mon, Ryan! You must protect us! You must stop him!

Megatronus Prime: There's only room for one Prime and that Prime is me!

Ryan F-Freeman: Not if I have anything to say about it. [uses his magic to make Megatronus fly to a tree]

Megatronus Prime: Two can play. [uses Dark Magic to make Ryan fly to a tree]

Ryan F-Freeman: You have magic as well. [spits out an acorn]

Megatronus Prime: My friend, King Sombra, taught me all about Magic, including Dark Magic.

Ryan F-Freeman: Princess Celestia and Discord taught me magic. Like light Magic. [summons his Keyblade]

Sci-Ryan: It's like Iron Man vs. Evil Crash, Odette.

Megatronus Prime: I have a surprise for you. [summons his own keyblade, the Dark Keyblade]

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow. How did you get that?

Megatronus Prime: I created it using the blueprints use to create your keyblade, F-Freeman. Say hello to the Dark Keyblade.

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, Odette. He has got a Keyblade.

Odette: Yes. [to Megatronus] You think that is a Keyblade?

Megatronus Prime: It's a Dark Keyblade.

Ryan F-Freeman: Stay with Sci-Ryan, Odette. I got an former Prime to defeat. [charges at Megatronus] Hay-oo-HOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

[Megatronus charges at Ryan]

[Ryan and Megatronus clash their Keyblades in different angles]

Ryan F-Freeman: Your skills are cool. I kinda like that.

Megatronus Prime: Thanks. So are yours.

Ryan F-Freeman: At least I have been granted additional power by Optimus and the Primes. To make sure your plans will fail.

Megatronus Prime: You will try.

Sci-Ryan: It is getting to good.

Ryan F-Freeman: [to Megatronus] My thoughts exactly.

[They continue fighting]

Megatronus Prime: You're as soft as the weaklings you fight for.

Ryan F-Freeman: I don't know what you said. I am as strong as my friends who help me. My friends. They are my power!!

[Megatronus fires his blaster at Ryan but when the smoke clears, Ryan still stands]

Megatronus Prime: Ugh! Why won't you die?!

Ryan F-Freeman: I never tell. Oh man. [hits Megatronus with his Keyblade]

[Megatronus shoves his keyblade but Ryan grabs it]

Ryan F-Freeman: But, luck.

Sci-Ryan: Batter up! [throws a rock at Megatronus]

[Megatronus grabs and levitates it and drops it on Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: [catches it] Good one.

Megatronus Prime: Not bad for a fake Prime. Perhaps you should have spent more time in the pit.

Ryan F-Freeman: And perhaps you should have spent more time in the library.

Sci-Ryan: C'mon, Ryan. You are a real Prime!

Ryan F-Freeman: Let's see how you do with Rainbow Power with my friends? [powers up to his Rainbow Power]

Megatronus Prime: How is that possible?!

Ryan F-Freeman: This ends here and now.

Megatronus Prime: You can't defeat me. Where there is light and friendship, there will always be darkness and chaos.

Ryan F-Freeman: Not if my light and friendship is brighter! The Matrix in me will light our darkest hour!

[Ryan and his friends use their magic and Megatronus is defeated]

Ryan F-Freeman: I rise... [points at Megatronus] You fall.

Sci-Ryan: Time to finish this.

Megatronus Prime: I still function. You haven't... won. Not while my spark... still burns.

Ryan F-Freeman: You fought well. Goodbye, Megatronus. A.K.A, The Fallen.

[Megatronus disappears]

Twilight Sparkle: Ryan! You did it!

Ryvine Sparkle: And thus ends Megatronus Prime. I'll go back.[leaves the scene with Rothbart]

Steeljaw: Me too. Such villianous nonsense. [follows them]

Ryan F-Freeman: But, don't worry. You won't get rid of me that easy.

Sci-Ryan: We did well, Ryan. We did well.

Zig (Zig and Sharko): You are a real Prime, Ryan. [laughs]

Odette: Well done, Ryan! [hugs Ryan] I knew you can do it.

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