This is how Ryan F-Freeman vs. Witch Doctor goes in Breakout.


Witch Doctor: A techno-organic? I got out of prison and Hero Factory sends a techno-organic to recapture me?

Ryan F-Freeman: I'm also a Prime-prince, Aldous.

Witch Doctor: It's Witch Doctor now.

Ryan F-Freeman: Whatever. I got my Hero core because of my bio is merged with this world's bio. What plan do you cook up this time, Witch Doctor?

Witch Doctor: What I did last time.

Ryan F-Freeman: [mimics Witch Doctor] My Quaza thories are too radical, they said. That much Quaza doesn't exsist, they said. You can't harness that kind of power, they said.

Witch Doctor: Are you mocking me?

Ryan F-Freeman: No. I'm just saying what you said on the Hero Factory episode Savage Planet. Ahem. [Mimics Witch Doctor] You are crazy, they said! They were wrong!

Witch Doctor: Bravo, Prime-prince.

[Witch Doctor charges at Ryan, but Ryan steps out of the way]

Ryan F-Freeman: Pingu!

[Witch Doctor missed Ryan and hits a tree]

Witch Doctor: Ow.

Ryan F-Freeman: Are you ok? I guess your time before me is great. [summons his Keyblade] I suppose this weapon is full of magic.

[The Witch Doctor kicks Ryan, but Ryan blocks the attack]

Witch Doctor:

Ryan F-Freeman: I guess you got a staff. [Pulls out a stun gun] Sweet dreams, Smokey.

[The Witch Doctor dodges the blast]

Ryan F-Freeman: Wow! If I know if you got magic, I'd better..... RUN!!! [runs off then hides behind a tree]

Witch Doctor: [confused] Huh?

[Ryan peeks and blows a party blower then hides]

Witch Doctor: What have we here? Hide and seek, eh? [Laughs] Come out, come out, where ever you are.

Ryan F-Freeman: [In mind] I knew that stealth is a good thing for me. I think if I catch him off guard, I'll cuff him.

Witch Doctor: You can't hide from me, Ryan Prime.

[Ryan pounces on Witch Doctor and swipes his staff]

Witch Doctor: Huh? [Spots Ryan on a tree] Hey!

Ryan F-Freeman: I think this staff is your power source. And you are losing your mojo by the second!

Witch Doctor: I feel...weak.

Ryan F-Freeman: I got something for you. [Hits Witch Doctor with his Keyblade and tossses the cuffs into the air] Having fun?

[The cuffs float into the air and flies at Witch Doctor cuffing him]

Witch Doctor: No! What did you do?!

Ryan F-Freeman: Simple. I caught you by surprise and now I cuffed you. And don't worry. I hope I can get some help.

[The Witch Doctor tries to get the cuffs off]

Witch Doctor: Uhh. I give up. You win.

Ryan F-Freeman: Thanks. [Hits Witch Doctor with his staff knocking him out. Looks at his communicator] Stormer? I got Witch Doctor. You think I did well?

Stormer: Great. You can go back to Hero Factory and wait for the others.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes, sir. [Tosses Witch Doctor's staff away] Ok, Doc. Back to prison you go. [Carries Witch Doctor to Ryan's ship]

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