Ryan Repulsa

Ryan Repulsa is a former Power Ranger and partner of Hawk Moth.


Ryan Repulsa


Ryan looks like Ryan and Rita from the Power Rangers 2017 film rolled into one with



  • Midnight Bandicoot. I am Hawk Moth's partner, Ryan Repulsa. Look. I understand why you want to understand the magic from your friends. I can help you unleash your magic by giving you Nemesis Prime's and Midnight Sparkle's powers. Oh. While you understand magic, you must find the Matrix and the Miraculous and bring them to me and my partner in return. So, are you ready?
  • Ryan Repulsa is my name and your name is now Bubble Siren-girl. I think we need some entertainment for Bubbler's party. I can give you a plan your own party kit. And by "plan your own party kit", I mean the Bubbler's powers. Oh. And when you got time for some party bags, be sure to have something for me and Hawk Moth in return.
  • Lady Sci-Fi, I am Ryan Repulsa. I notice that you want to show the excistance of OpThomas Prime to the world. Hawk Moth and I can help you with that by giving you Lady Wifi's powers. Oh. I almost forgot. While you do that, you must bring me and Hawk Moth the Matrix and the Miraculous. So, you think you agree?
  • Right you are, dear. You should have won. Yes...
  • Stormy Weather. I'm Ryan Repulsa. And my partner and I give you the power to seek revenge on them as OUR weather girl. All you have to do is fetch me and Hawk Moth the Miraculous and the Matrix. Can you do that, darling?
  • That's my weather girl. Show the world and the Autobots who the best weather girl really is.
  • Queen Jessiepatra. I am Ryan Repulsa. I notice you want Ryan "Whisp" Grant to make the finder wish all power to the Shadow Genie Prince of Friendship. I can lend you a hand by giving you the powers of the Pharaoh. But, in return for it and the wish, you must find the Matrix and the Miraculous for me and my partner in return.
  • Terror-Blaze. I am Ryan Repulsa, partner of Hawk Moth. I know you have felt fear like the NEXO Knights before you. I can help you turn the tables by giving you the powers of Horrificator. But, in return when the time comes, you need to fetch me and Hawk Moth the Miraculous and a relic of the Primes called "The Matrix of Leadership". So. You know what the girl named Gloriosa said?
  • How is this possible?! Hawk Moth, am I seeing 2 of the same villain?
  • Too close! Ladyan and Ladybug are gonna pay for that!
  • Ahh. A betrayd Ladyan fan. Just what I need to recover after Vanisher's and Invisald's defeat. This is just PERFECT!
  • Fly away, my little Akuma. And evilize the former Con leader!
  • Megabug. I am Ryan Repulsa. I noticed that Ladyan let you down as a hero. I want his downfall as well. Shall we take him out together?
  • Game-girl Bandicoot. I am Ryan Repulsa. I think you want to be the best gamer ever. I can get you started by giving you Gamer's powers. But, I think you need to help me achieve my and my partner's high score.
  • Reflekta, I am Ryan Repulsa. From now on, you will be the only one people see. No body will ignore you again. However. You must do me and Hawk Moth a favor in return. When the time is nigh.