Ryan and Crash Say Surf's Up 2: WaveMania is a new movie.


The gang joins Cody and friends as they team up with the Hang 5 to surf the biggest tidal wave ever.


Cody and the gang's interview/Meeting the Hang 5

The film starts off with a news crew interviewing Cody Maverick and the gang. They later try to shoot a commercial until Tank Evans interrupts with his own commercial. Then Cody and Tank get into a fight and Ryan stops them. Later on, the gang is fast asleep in Cody's place and Crash dreams of being a perfect surfer like Merliah (from Barbie in a Mermaid Tale). Chicken Joe arrives and wakes them up. He tells them about his travels which makes Ryan yawn with boredom. Matau tells him that they should talk about something more topicable like the beach where the gang once been but then Lani and two chicks named Arnold and Kate arrive and told the gang about the Hang 5 arriving at Pengu Island later on. Matau gets himself ready and be there like "A droplet in the mist of summer" and they head there. The gang later arrive at the beach and meet the Hang 5 (Mr. MacMohn, J.C., Paige, Hunter, and the Undertaker). The gang talk to them and learn how to be a




  • Queen of the Waves