This is how Ryan and Galvatron defeat Starscream goes in Showdown.

[Ryan and Galvatron get up]

Ryan F-Freeman: We maybe down. But we are not out.

Starscream: So, the worm still squrms after being beaten by the true leader of the Decepticons.

Ryan F-Freeman and Galvatron: Starscream...

Starscream: Why don't you join me and give it up, Ryan. You and Galvatron are only prolonging your pain.

Galvatron: Ryan and I never rest if we lost to a weakling like you!

Ryan F-Freeman: I agree with Galvatron.

Starscream: Bold words. Maybe I put them on Galvatron's tombstone, Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: [in royal Canterlot voice] YOU WANTED TO RISK EVERTHING!?!?!?

Galvatron: So be it!

Starscream: I won't hold anything back!!

[Ryan, Galvatron, and Starscream bring out their magic and Energon auras which makes shockwaves]

Crash Bandicoot: Great Scott!

Optimus Prime: By Primus!

Cody Fairbrother: What's happening to my brother, Prime?

Optimus Prime: I think Ryan is gaining more power with Galvatron.

Odette: Whoa. That is a nice lightshow.

Sci-Ryan: You said it, Odette. This is great. [eats some popcorn]

Jetfire: That's impossible! No one can channel that much energy.

Matau T. Monkey: And magic, Jetfire.

Soundwave: Why is everybody stair...[notices 3 glows] Huh?

Sideways: Whoa! You see what Spikewave and the heroes see?

Soundwave: Yep.

Sideways: Those 3 are channeling enough energy and magic to wipe out small planets!

Soundwave: Well, I'm not sticking around to hear that groove. Let's warp our tails out of here.

Sideways: We can't leave here without the Omega Lock! If we do then we failed our planet. Our people!

Soundwave: Let's do it.

[Soundwave and Sideways warp away]

Evil Ryan: I'll get Soundwave and Jetfire get Sideways.

Optimus Prime: Hold it, Evil Ryan! We'll get caught in the blast!

Evil Anna: But, they are...

Codylight Sparkle: But, nothing, Evil Anna. Sideways and Soundwave are not important right now!

Optimus Prime and Crash Bandicoot: Everyone! TAKE COVER! PROTECT THE KIDS!!

[Sci-Ryan looks at Ryan and Galvatron

Optimus Prime: If either one of them survives the battle, we'll have to help Ryan fight them for the Omega Lock.

Evil Ryan: But, Twilight and we don't know if we have a chance against that type of power.

[Sideways and Soundwave

Soundwave: I think I see it.

Sideways: I'll get it. Save yourself!

Soundwave: No way, brother. We're in this together.

Ryan F-Freeman: Prepare to be defeated, Starscream!

Galvatron: Farewell, Starscream!

Starscream: Galvatron and Ryan F-Freeman, say hello to oblivion!


Sci-Ryan: [puts sunglasses on Odette]

Trixie: Did Ryan win?

[Ryan and Galvatron are seen floating above the smoked crater and looks down at it]

Ryan F-Freeman: You see, Starscream, when you risk everything in the pursuit of power, you could wind up with nothing. That's why Galvatron and I never risk anything.

Galvatron: Ryan? You help me defeat Starscream? Why?

Ryan F-Freeman: Because, I understand you, Galvatron. As do my friends. And I knew you didn't have the strength to beat Starscream alone.

Galvatron: Thank you, Ryan. For helping me.

Ryan F-Freeman: [blushes] Your welcome.

[Crash and the others cheered for Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: Will one of those Cons attempt to fill his shoes?

Thundercracker: What is our real leader, Prime-prince?

Ryan F-Freeman: Galvatron.

Ryvine and Rothbart: Long live Galvatron! Galvatron!

Crash Bandicoot: Ever wonder what happened to Starscream, Vector Prime?

Vector Prime:

Ryan F-Freeman:

[Ryan floats down to his friends]


[In space, Starscream's crown floats in the stary sky]

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