This is how Ryan and Kuryan vs. Quintessa and Umarak goes in Crash's, Thomas' and Ryan's Adventures of Transformers: The Last Knight.

[Ryan and the gang looks around on Cybertron]

Crash Bandicoot: Ryan. I hope Optimus and Twilight remember us when you free them.

Ryan F-Freeman: Yes. I hope Earth can be safe as well.

Ryan Tokisaki: What's the deal about Optimus and Twilight saying Optimus' world needs to be safe?

Crash Bandicoot: Me nether.

Unknown Voice: Prince Ryan F-Freeman Prime. You, Twilight, and Optimus destroyed your home.

Ryan F-Freeman: Who's there?

Sci-Ryan: Show yourself!

[Umarak the Hunter comes out of the shadows]

Umarak the Hunter: You're a Toa. And a fox wearing blue trousers? What is that?

Crash Bandicoot: I'm a Bandicoot, Umarak. Why did you think Ryan destroyed Cybertron?

Unknown Voice: [in Larxene's voice] Too clever. Prime's creator knows about you, Ryan.

Ryan Tokisaki: Are you messing with Ryan's head?

Sci-Ryan: Larxene? She must be with Optimus' creator!

[Ryan nods and saw Optimus' creator, Quintessa]

Evil Ryan: Huh? How do you know about Ryan?

Ryan F-Freeman: And to be honest, I never destroy Cybertron.

Umarak the Hunter: Liar!

Matau T. Monkey: He's telling the truth. He saved Earth lots of times. And will do so again.

Umarak the Hunter: More lies!

Ryan Tokisaki: Why you think Ryan is a liar? He is the Leader of the Autobots, not the Decepticons.

Ryan F-Freeman: He's right, Umarak. Tell this new girl to free Optimua and Twilight or I'll slingshot you into next week.

Umarak the Hunter: No!

Ryan Tokisaki: Oh. Why do you think Ryan destroy Cybertron?

Umarak the Hunter: Because he did.

Ryan F-Freeman: Umarak. I wonder who told you that? And why did I destroy Cybertron?

Quintessa: I did, Ryan. I am Quintessa.

Sci-Ryan: Cool name. But, Ryan wants to save Earth and Cybertron so he never did any harm to this planet.

Umarak the Hunter: Then why does this wanted poster have Ryan's name on it and says "Wanted for destroying Cybertron"?

Matau T. Monkey: When pigs fly.

Umarak the Hunter: No, really. It says so. [holds up the poster]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh. How will I save it?

Umarak the Hunter: You must accept Quintessa as your master if you want to save Cybertron.

Quintessa: Do you seek redemption?

[Ryan thinks and remembers]

Ryan F-Freeman: No.

Crash Bandicoot: Why?

Ryan F-Freeman: I don't want to betray you. We will save Earth and Cybertron. Umarak made this lie up. This is a battle with Prime's maker.

Sci-Ryan: We'll help you. Quin-whatchamacallit, got Prime and Twilight into that mess and you'll get them out.

[Umarak then beats up Crash the way Peter beat up Kyle]

Ryan Tokisaki: All right! That's it. No one beats Crash up. [Uses his magic to pin Umarak to a wall]

Umarak the Hunter: Say, uh, can you do me a favor? You see that fire extinguisher there? [repeatedly slams Tokisaki's head in the extinguisher]

Ryan Tokisaki: Ryan will make you pay. [Points his gun at his head] Come on, Zafkiel! Dalleto!

[Kuryan fires and he gets healed]

Ryan F-Freeman: [summons his Keyblade] I would free Twilight and Prime.

Umarak the Hunter: The world is not big enouth for the four of us.

Ryan Tokisaki: It's ok. You won't take much space once I flatten you! [Stamps Umarak's foot]

[Umarak punches Ryan in the face]

Ryan F-Freeman: [blocks Umarak's attack] Not this time. Down, Simba! Down, Simba! Get out of here! [Punches Quintessa] Confuse me, would you!

Alice: Go, Uncle Ryan! Kick Qinn's butt!

[Quintessa picks up Xehanort's Keyblade and Kylo Ren's Lightsaber]

Ryan F-Freeman: You made your point. No matter. Miss. I got a lightsaber. [Pulls out his cross-guard Lightsaber and activates it and the blades are blue]

[Sci-Ryan pulls out his video camera and records Ryan's and Quintessa's fight]

Ryan F-Freeman: Is that the best you got? I know I never destroy Cybertron. You try to make me evil and save Cybertron? Oh well. Guess not!

[Umarak the Hunter puts on the Mask of Control and turns into Umarak the Destroyer]

Umarak the Destroyer: Behold, Umarak the Destroyer!

Matau T. Monkey: Oh. Did you got that mask to change into that? I got some of N. Brio's mutation formula to even the odds.

[Ryan drinks the potion to Quintessa's disgust]

Ryan F-Freeman: Yuck! Oh Primus. Tastes like pepermint barf! Mmm. With a hint of....

[Ryan feels pain and transforms to Black Ryan Max]

Black Ryan Max: [roars] Behold, Black Ryan Max!

Ryan Tokisaki: I would use the Elemts of Harmony to defeat you and Ryan's "maker"!

Black Ryan Max: It's over, no-nose. You and Quintessa need to surender and accept my truth about me saving Earth and Cybertron!

Umarak the Destroyer: Over my destroyed horcrux!

Ryan Tokisaki: Ryan never destroy Cybertron. He wants to save it and Earth!

Sierra: I guess Harry Potter is ok with that.

Alice: Earth will be saved with Prime Nand Twilight, Umarak. [puts on Twilight's crown and fires magic at Umarak]

[Crash fires his magic at Quintessa and shoots at Umarak]

[Instead of hurting him, the blasts bounce off of Umarak]

Sci-Ryan: Take cover!

[The heroes dodge the blasts]

[Black Ryan Max turns back to Ryan]

Ryan F-Freeman: You have no power, Umarak. You have no power against the power of the Keyblade.

Umarak the Destroyer: So you say, but you forget. I have been bathed in your Elements of Harmony, Ryan F-Freeman "Prime". It was YOU who filled me with the power I needed. [copies Ryan's magic and Xehanort's Keyblade] And you did not know.

Matau T. Monkey: For Earth and Cybertron to live, we have to keep on fighting.

Ryan Tokisaki: For how long?

Onua: Forever if we have to.

Superman: Sounds good to me.

Sci-Ryan: Hey, Umarak!

Umarak the Destroyer: What?!

Sci-Ryan: Here we come!

[Ryan charges at Umarak and Quintessa]

[Umarak knocks everyone to the ground]

Matau T. Monkey: Master Ryan! Don't accept Quintessa! She will manipulate you!

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, Matau.

[Umarak starts gaining more strength]

[Ryan climbs on Umarak's back with Kuryan]

Matau T. Monkey: Cut him lose!

Evil Ryan: No! He has to do the opposite. [to Ryan] Plug him in more, Ryan!

[Kuryan fetches some power cells and plugs them to Umarak]

Umarak the Destroyer: What are you doing? Recharging me in hopes of harming my mercy? [laughs]

[Ryan plugs in a few more]

Ryan F-Freeman: A little of this. [Plugs a few chargers]

Umarak the Destroyer: Ah, it's like having a direct connection to the sun. It feels

[Ryan and Kuryan continue plugging in more chargers until Umarak starts to overload]

Umarak the Destroyer: No. No... NOOOOO!!!!!!

[Umarak falls down, defeated]

Ryan Tokisaki: Sorry, Umarak. You are defeated.

Alice: Yeah!

Emmet: Guess Ryan will save Earth and Cybertron.

Ryan F-Freeman: Quintessa. Let me learn what you told Optimus and Twilight...

Evil Ryan: By peering directly into your mind.

[Ryan puts his hand on Quintessa's hand and his eyes turn white. Flashback]

Ryalight Glimmer: The planet you and your friend call Earth has got another name.

Quintessa: Unicron.

Optimus Prime: Earth... Unicron? Cybertron's greatest enemy?

Twilight Sparkle: And... Ryvine's mentor?

Quintessa: Yes. We are going to kill him.

Ryalight Glimmer: With my girlfriend's staff and Ryan's Keyblade, we can drain the lifeforce from Unicron.

Quintessa: Earth... Will die. And your and Ryan's home will be reborn. Nemesis Prime.

Ryalight Glimmer: Bring Ryan and the staff to us and Quintessa will name Ryan.... Ryantessa.

Optimus Prime: I will fight anyone who stands in my way.

[Flashback ends]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa. Oh my aching head. You saying Earth... Is Unicron?

Quintessa: Yes. You are the student of Primus.

Ryan F-Freeman: I know.

[Umarak the Destroyer gets back up]

Umarak the Destroyer: Beasts of all the Elements, rise!

[Several Lava Beasts, Storm Beasts, and Quake Beasts rise]

Umarak the Destroyer: Attack!

[The Lava Beasts, Storm Beasts, and Quake Beasts attack]

Alice: The masks! Smash the masks!

[Crash and the others smash the masks of the monsters and Ryan uses his magic to send Umarak to the Phantom Zone]

Ryan Tokisaki: My gosh. Ryan and Quintessa know Unicron.

[To their surprise, Umarak reopens the portal and struggles to keep it open]

Umarak the Destroyer: To destroy Unicron is to destroy Earth.

Ryan Tokisaki: Guys! Use our magic! [uses his magic to make the portal close] We can only defeat him if we fight as one!

[Ryan and his friends use their magic at the portal]

Umarak the Destroyer: I will not be defeated!

[Umarak struggles to overpower Ryan and his friends' magic]

Emmet: We can do it...

[Umarak grunts and the power of Ryan's friends close the portal forever]

Ryan F-Freeman: Is he...

Ryan Tokisaki: The dark side is powerful. It will not be defeated Easily. But, for now, Cade and the others. They are safe.

Ryan F-Freeman: It seems you and I have a common enemy, Quintessa.

Quintessa: And I can show you how to use the Keyblade.

Alice: Wait. Uncle Ryan's Keyblade and her staff are...

Quintessa: The keys for Unicron's downfall.

Alice: Really? Well, my name is Alice and I am with Uncle Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: Nice one. I'll go open a portal and send my friends to Earth.

[Ryan does and his friends go to Earth and Alice hugs him]

Ryan F-Freeman: Aww. I think Megatron start that war on Cybertron in the first place.

[Alice nods]

Quintessa: You destroyed your world, you fool!

[She slaps Ryan on the head]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ow. You think I can seek redemption for Earth and Cybertron.

[Ryan notices a red armor plate on his cheek]

Ryan F-Freeman: What's this?

Alice: I think it looks like an armor plate. She is a Prime.

Ryan F-Freeman: So. She wants me to fix Cybertron or the race of Transformers dies.

Quintessa: Yes. I made Optimus and you.

Ryan F-Freeman: You made me? I thought Cody made me. But, I'll find your staff before Optimus and Twilight does.

Quintessa: Yes, my friend.

[Ryan's eyes turn to Dark Ryan's eyes as he and Alice goes to a portal]

Ryan F-Freeman: I will fight any villain who stands in my way.

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