This is how Ryan and Mata Nui vs. Tirek and Tuma goes in Ryan's, Thomas' and Crash's Adventures of Bionicle: The Legend Reborn.

[We see Ryan and Mata Nui walk past the two Voroxs]

Ryan F-Freeman: Excuse us.

[Ryan and Mata Nui walk up to face Tuma and Tirek]

Tuma: Yes... So brave.

[Ryan gulps and looks at Tuma]

Tuma: I hoped all the Glatorian will come. But, it seems, they're even bigger cowards then I thought!

[The Skrall cheer]

Ryan F-Freeman: I think we haven't said our names. I'm Ryan. Student of Primus and the Prime-prince of Friendship.

Tuma: I hoped the Princess of Friendship would also come. But it seems, she's an even bigger coward like the Princess of the Sun, the Princess of the Moon, and the Princess of Love than I thought!

[The Skrall cheer]

Ryan F-Freeman: I think you are Tuma. Skrall leader.

Tuma: Everyone knows that.

Ryan F-Freeman: Eather am I a madman. Or would I like to join the winning side?

[The Skrall cheer for what Ryan said]

Tuma: Either he's a madman or he'd like to join the winning side?!

[The Skrall cheer for what Tuma said]

Ryan F-Freeman: That's what I said.

Tuma: I know, but I made it sound better.

Ryan F-Freeman: That could work. [summons his Keyblade]

Tuma: Which is it?

Ryan F-Freeman: Mata Nui and I are here to fight for our friends freedom. Me against Tirek, Tuma. Mata Nui can fight you.

Mata Nui: Wow. Ryan. You did act like me and Riku.

Ryan F-Freeman: Unless the Skrall leader is the true coward like Unicron.

[The Skrall cheer]

Tuma: I'll enjoy tearing that fancy Keyblade from your dead hands!

Ryan F-Freeman: How do you know about the Keyblade?

Tuma: Ryvine and Xehanort told me about it. [to Mata Nui] And I'm going to enjoy tearing that fancy mask from your face!

Ryan F-Freeman: Well. I did get chosen by the Keyblade. Ok. So no cutting off body parts. Let's make that a rule. No below the belt. I think we can a good clean Glatorian fight. Shake?

Tuma: Here at the Skrall Camp, there are no rules! But in the arena, those what I say goes!

[Ryan nods and shakes hands with Tuma]

Tirek: May the best Glatorians win.

Ryan F-Freeman: And... let's fight.

[Tuma knocks Ryan off his feet]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ouch!

Emmet: Cheater!

Sci-Rianna: Kiina?

Kiina: Dirty cheating Skrall!

Berix: Hey, no fair!

[Tuma cheers for his Skrall as Ryan gets up]

Ryan F-Freeman: Guess I'm going easy on ya. [pulls out his Spiked Thornax launcher] This will do. [fires at Tuma]

[Tuma dodges it and it hits Tirek]

Ryan F-Freeman: Whoa. Nice dodge. Guess this thing must be made from "Mississippi". [laughs] Get it? I missed you.

Tirek: Let me at you, Prince Ryan! [kicks a Skrall and grab its sword]

Tuma: The prince is mine!

Ryan F-Freeman: PRIME-prince. I got the Matrix in me. [swings his Keybalde at Tuma]

[Tuma knocks Ryan off his feet again]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ouch! Again? [gets up] You could give me a chance.

[Tirek kicks Ryan]

Berix: I can't watch. I can't watch, I can't watch! Mata Nui and Ryan are getting shredded!

[Tirek punches Mata Nui]

[Tuma uses his saw shield to knock Ryan off his feet again]

Ryan F-Freeman: Youch! [spots some sparks from Tuma's back] Hmm.

Sci-Rianna: Wait. Guys. I think Ryan is doing what Ackar and Ryantinal Prime taught us. Study you opponent and find its weakness.

Emmet: Let's hope Ryan finds it fast now!

Tuma: Did this pathetic weakling really believe he could bring down the mighty Tuma?!

Ryan F-Freeman: Just be careful. Arrogants can knock down giants. Trust me!

[Ryan dodge Tuma's attack and hit Tuma's back with his Keyblade]

Tuma: What did you do?!

Mata Nui: He knows.

Ryan F-Freeman: [uses his magic to pull the Skrall's shield and knocks it away]

Skrall: [Wilhelm Scream]

Tuma: My shield! That shield was one of a kind! You owe me $17.00.

Ryan F-Freeman: That's not your shield, idiot! You said, No rules. Didn't you? Now it's time to turn the tables! [uses the Skrall's shield to knock Tuma down]

Tuma: I know what I said. I just don't listen to myself.

[Tuma gets up just as Ryan punches Tuma's back and tosses the Skrall's shield back to the Skrall]

Ryan and Tuma: Ouch!

Tirek: I think I go to another world after this.

Sci-Rianna: That's it! Guys! Ryan found a weak spot in Tuma's armor and now Ryan is using it against him!

Emmet: We get it, Sci-Rianna. We could go to Paris after this.

[Ryan and Tuma clash blades]

Tuma: This cannot be! I am the mighty Tuma!

Ryan F-Freeman: And I am the Prime-prince Ryan.

Mata Nui: Come on, Ryan! Kick Tuma's butt!

[Ryan was about to attack but Tuma knocks Ryan's Thorax Launcher off his hand]

Ryan F-Freeman: Oh well. I think Ryantinal Prime did keep Twilight safe.

[Tuma then knocks Ryan's Keyblade to the ground]

Ryan F-Freeman: Two words: Anger Management.

Tuma: [gets angrier]

[Ryan dodges Tuma's attack, grabs his Keyblade, and prepares to charge]

Ryan F-Freeman: Skrall leader, corner pocket! [vharges at Tuma] Extreme KO! [hits Tuma's back with his Keyblade]

Tuma: I... die...? No!

[Tuma is defeated. Tirek leaves the arena]

Ryan F-Freeman: Better luck next time, Tuma. [grabs Tuma's shield] I claim Tuma's shield in victory! Free my friends!

[Mata Nui hugs Ryan]

[Tuma recovers and pats Ryan's head]

Ryan F-Freeman: You did well, Tuma. Tirek left with his honor intact.

Tuma: Yes. Your skills are cool. I think... I could make you the Skrall leader.

Ryan F-Freeman: You mean...

Tuma: Yes. You are the new leader of the Skrall. Prince Ryan Prime.

Ryan F-Freeman: I think Sci-Rianna can teach you about friendship. I felt brave at that fight. I don't know who the traitor is yet.

Sci-Rianna: Yahoo!

[Metus arrives while clapping slowly]

Metus: [laughs] I can always pick a winner. Now throw down your shield and your weapon.

Ryan F-Freeman: Is that a joke?

Metus: That's not a joke.

Ryan F-Freeman: So. You are the traitor the whole time. [dispels his Keyblade]

[Click turns back to himself]

Mata Nui: Save yourself, my friend.

[Click escapes]

Metus: Cursed insect!

Sci-Rianna: You stupid coward! You think you can get away with it so you can sell us out to the Skrall?

Kiina: What she said.

Metus: Not a coward, Human Rianna. Just a good businessman.

Mata Nui: You were the one who convinced them to unite.

Metus: Yes.

Ryan F-Freeman: And you know about how my friends and I pony up?

Metus: Yes, Ryan. When I saw Human Rarity, you, and Sunset pony up, Ryvine could let me have a spot as ruler of Equestria.

Emmet: So you know about that?

Ryan F-Freeman: We are the real ones that know.

Berix: I know.

Metus: What have you ever done for me?

Emmet: Let me check. We trusted you!

Sci-Rianna: OpThomas and our friends will tear you limb from limb for this!

Kiina: Including the Glatorians!

Metus: They still don't understand.

Mata Nui: We are the only ones that know.

Sci-Rianna: You will pay for what you did, Metus.

Metus: Yes. And by the time the heroes realize it with the Glatorians, the battle will already be over. I win. [to the Skrall] Finish them off! I have wasted my time here. I got to hurry back.

[The Skrall

Ryan F-Freeman: You guys don't kill us. I am your Skrall leader now.

[The Skrall nod and kneel to Ryan]

Emmet: Huh? Tuma? Why are they bowing to Ryan?

Tuma: He is the Skrall leader, Special.

Sci-Rianna: Guess it's like the Insecticons to Twilight. Giving her the royal treatment.

[Ryan blushes and waves]

Ryan F-Freeman: I did have my standards as a Prime and a Skrall leader. Is there some armor for me?

[Ryan sees Skrall armor and puts it on]

Emmet: Whoa.

Ryan F-Freeman: Now this is more like it.