Ryan and Tino's Camp Adventure is another movie made by Ryantransformer017 and Sonic879.


After school, Tino and Ryan decided to go camping in the woods. So they gathered their friends and go to the woods. They have RVs and tents ready. Until one night, Carver tells a scary story about Gaia Everfree, which was a legend. And then, a strange woman appeared turns out to be Gaia Everfree, and she puts Tino into a trance. Now it's up to Ryan and the others to save Tino and stop Gaia Everfree from getting Tino into her clutches.


Opening/Tino's and Ryan's idea

The film starts with Ryan talking to the viewers on the camera and said that he know that they are wondering: What are his and Tino's plans for the summer and Tino calls out to him and asks him what he's up to. Ryan tells Tino that he is telling the audience that they are

Getting packed for camp

On the way to the woods



  1. Opening/Tino's and Ryan's idea
  2. Getting packed for camp
  3. On the way to the woods
  4. Reuniting with Gloriosa and Timber/Meeting Ranyx and Xgem
  5. Camp activities begin/Ranyx sings A Mermare in Love
  6. The man who never misses: the Hawkeye
  7. A Ghost story of Gaia Everfree
  8. The camp doctor: Stephen Strange
  9. /
  10. Sci-Ryan's investigation with the Dazzlings and the Cyberlings
  11. Tino's nightmare/Sci-Twi comforts Tino/The Midnight in Me
  12. Ryvine's plans/
  13. /
  14. /


  • Legend of Everfree
  • SpongeBob SquarePants theme song
  • Everything is Awesome
  • The Mermare in Love (sung by Ranyx and
  • Embrace the Magic
  • Friendship Burns Bright
  • The Midnight In Me
  • We Will Stand For Everfree

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