This is how Ryan and his friends investigate and our heroes escape from Rothbart goes in Crash, Thomas and Ryan Meet the Swan Princess.

Crash Bandicoot: Ok, fellas. We need to find out what Rothbart's plan is and what spell he placed on Odette.

Sci-Ryan: You can do it while I stay with Odette. [to Odette] Right, Odette?

Odette: Ok, Sci-Ryan.

Ryan F-Freeman: We'll find out before the moon come up.

Evil Ryan: We are with you and Twilight, Ryan. Gaia Everfree herself nearly domed us in Camp Everfree, this "Rothbart" person is much more powerful.

[Ryan and the others go while Sci-Ryan stay with Odette]

Sci-Ryan: You think they can be ok, Odette?

Odette: I think so, Sci-Ryan.


Matau T. Monkey: I think he have something written in his diary.

[Crash opens a book and starts reading]

Crash Bandicoot: Dear, diary. I met a chap named Ryvine Sparkle before Odette was born. When Odette and her brother, Human Rigby was born, my friend and I try to take him down by means of the Forbidden Arts. But, before we finish, a yellow bird and William's guards attacked and destroyed everything my friend and I work on. Despite called to our deaths, we were banished and I vowed to get my powers back. And when I do, everything William own, everything William love, will be mine.

[Ryan spots Ryvine asleep and he's holding a copy of the swan transformation spell]

Ryan F-Freeman: Ok, guys. We need to walk at the tips of our toes.

[They tip toe to get the paper and the noise making Ryvine yawn, they are tip toe and stop they heard a noise and it's coming from Matau's Tiny Piano that makes Tip toe noise]

Flain (EG): [In Plankton's Voice] Will you stop playing that tiny piano!? [Whispering] You're gonna get us caught.

Matau T. Monkey: Sorry.

[Ryan carefully open Ryvine's hand and takes the paper]

Ryan F-Freeman: Got it!

Ryvine Sparkle: [wakes up] Huh? [gasps] You! Wait till Rothbart get you to...

[Crash pounces on Ryvine and rocks him like a baby]

Crash Bandicoot: Matau! I'll rock him while you tell him the story.

Matau T. Monkey: Uhh. Once upon a time, there was a friend of Rothbart and a student of Unicron who went to sleep. The end!

Ryvine Sparkle: Nice try, hero. But, it's gonna take more then that to... [falls asleep]

[Ryan sighs in relief]

Thomas: Wow. That was easy.

Iago: Prime. Do you remember in the Swan Lake Ballet where Rothbart does to Odette? Magic spell, turn to swan, tragic ending. Remember? Nightmare Moon might do the same to Ryan.


Penn Zero:

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